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  1. anjszulc

    Problem with Finder after installation Adobe Premiere CS6 + Adobe Encore CS6

    Dear All, i have the problem with my CustoMac. I use my mac for edit and have installed Adobe CC. Yesterday i was need Encore witch is in adobe premiere CS6 pack. I install Adobe CS6 and Encore. After fiew hours - i turn off mac. Now when I open my Mac, i have strange artefact in...
  2. anjszulc

    [Solved] NVIDIA Quadro K5000 Mavericks and Adobe Premiere CC 2015 compatibility

    Dear All, I have question about this card NVIDIA Quadro K5000 and compatibility with OSX Mavericks and Adobe Premiere PRO CC 2015. Any one use this combination and it will support CUDA in CC2015 ? I want buy this card and first want check. Regards