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  1. mkary

    Final Cut Pro optimizations?

    Hello, My config is the following: CPU: i9-9900 k - Overclocked to 4.9 GHZ Ram: 64 GB GPU: Powercolor 6800 xt Motherboard: Aorus Z390 master SSD: Samsung 970 Evo Plus Cooling: Noctua Nh-d15 I make 142 000 metal test score. I was previously with AsRock RX 580 and I can't find a major update...
  2. mkary

    Slow Boot after Monterey upgrade

    After upgrading to Monterey the boot stucks 3 times and takes much longer time to boot rather than BigSur. I just upgraded O.C. to 0.7.5 but it still loads very slow. I'm having Samsung 970 Evo's hope that someone helps :)
  3. mkary

    << Solved >> Update to O.C. 0.7.3 -> stuck to Apple Logo

    Tonight I tried updating my O.C. to the latest version. Done this a couple of times before using OCC compare and ProperTree to sync the config.plist files and updated all Kexts. Today I hit a wall and now I'm stuck on the Apple Logo and nothing is loading. I'm updating my log file and my...
  4. mkary

    FCPX - BottleNeck or Bad Configuration?

    I've been using my Hackintosh for almost 6 months successfully. Final Cut Pro is working well. Currently I'm using Radeon RX 580 and the workflow is satisfying, I'm considering upgrading to 6900xt. When I render video it took quite a lot. My GoPro footage is 4k 30fps, 17 minutes video took 1...
  5. mkary

    Audio stopped working on channel 1, then in started and now is gone again

    I recently updated OC 0.6.9 and all the Kext. I also updated Big Sur to 11.3.1 My audio was working fine before on channel 1. I'm not sure the exact moment that it disappeared. I've started checking the other channels for my ALC1220...
  6. mkary

    << Solved >> After Bios Update Hackintosh is not starting

    I have z390 master motherboard and after I run bios updates in my Windows, Aorus App center. Now and before my Bios version is F10. Hackintosh stopped loading, it stucks on the Apple logo. Any idea from where I should start?
  7. mkary

    Upgrade RX 580 to 5700 XT - Is It Worth It?

    Hello guys, I've built my Hackintosh recently in order to use Final Cut Pro. On my work I'm using Mac Mini with M1, I'm not satisfied with the performance, especially the rendering. My colleague has iMac, I'm not quite sure which exactly but it is with Vega 64, 64 ram, etc. - quite well...
  8. mkary

    Slow download speed, but fast upload

    Since a couple of days my download speed cannot past more than 30 mbps, but it used to be 100mbps, I was downloading files with 10 megabytes per second before. I just bought a new router with 5GHz WiFi -...
  9. mkary

    << Solved >> Slow restart and shutdown

    Hello guys. It takes about 30 seconds for a restart/shutdown to my Hackintosh. Other than that my Hackintosh is working very fast, FCP is working well. Another problem is that WiFi isn't loading everytime and sometimes I need to restart to get it work. I'm using the latest OC and latest...
  10. mkary

    << Solved >> No audio on BigSur - ALC1220

    I've gone through couple of installations of my Hackintosh, in some period of time the audio was working, as far as I remember during the installation and even after that. Today I updated OC to 0.6.7 and updated all necessary kexts and I'm still not able to get any sound. I've went through...