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  1. chrissli_ukr

    HP ProBook 5330m running 10.7.2

    I found interesting thread related to 5330m, look there: ... 6&start=20.
  2. chrissli_ukr

    Ralink WIFI combo card SOLUTION hp ProBook 4530s

    Please take a look if this one is that you mention (I want to replace with it my Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 @ PB5330m) : ... 307wt_1162 Thanks in advance.
  3. chrissli_ukr

    Atheros AR5B195/ Bluetooth AR3011

    Hi, I want to replace my intel centrino wlan module with something which works fine without any patches in 10.7.3. How about bluethooth problem, it it still there? Or may be you could advise something else (mini half pci-e)?
  4. chrissli_ukr

    HP ProBook 5330m running 10.7.2

    Hi, I tried to get Lion on my 5330m, but all of bootloaders I've used (chameleon, chimera, empire-efi, bootthink) do not work :-( I trying to load it from usb, select USB drive as loadable device, but it still loads Windows. Could you please summarize in a few words your experience (tools...