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  1. xequtor

    Probook 4530s crashed w/ error: **** Debug info for *possible* hang in MAIN graphics engine ****

    I had today a system crash and dont know what may be the problem, maybe someone can spot the problem, below the syslog, the "**** Debug info for *possible* hang in MAIN graphics engine ****" goes for 2h then got home and rebooted. 1/22/13 5:34:13.000 PM kernel[0]: ring control = 0x0000f001...
  2. xequtor

    Bluetooth Keyboard in BIOS

    does a Apple BT keyboard works in BIOS or is it just on my Probook with my BT hardware hack?
  3. xequtor

    CPU Fan runs all the time (3840rpm) after crash and reboot

    yesterday my Probook with 10.8.2 stopped responding/Black screen (turned off in the morning) and CPU Fan was NOT running so I rebooted but the CPU Fan runs all the time, before I set the threshold to 50*C then the Fan stopped it but not now. It was working fine for few months and I had not one...
  4. xequtor

    How to make Atheros AR9285 connect with 150 Mbit/s ?

    I have the Atheros AR9285 WiFI card as many here but it connects to my N Router with 65 Mbit/s, can some one tell me which kext or what/how to patch to make it connect with 150 Mbit/s ?
  5. xequtor

    i7 2xxx and DSDT/SSDT

    I see post for i3 and i5 with DSDT/SSDT but what about i7 CPU's In HP Installer there is SSDT only for i7-2630QM (Turbo max 2.9Ghz) but what about i7-2720QM which can go up to 3.3Ghz. Can we use the SSDT for 2630QM for all i7 w/o performance problems?
  6. xequtor

    How to boot Lion from USB HDD backup?

    can someone tell me how to boot from a USB HDD? I made a backup with CCC (source OSX partition - destination USB HDD 250GB) with one partition formatted the right way) but cant boot from it even if I select this HDD from BIOS when booting. USB HDD plugged in on right side. I have Lion 10.7.3
  7. xequtor

    Wake reason: RTC Alarm , 4530s waking alone from sleep

    I have problem with my 4530s waking alone from sleep, below why. Question is how to stop it? 4/1/12 4:31:23.000 PM kernel: Wake reason: RTC (Alarm) 4/1/12 4:31:23.000 PM kernel: RTC: maintenance alarm 2012/4/1 14:31:23, sleep 2012/4/1 12:31:38 4/1/12 4:31:23.000 PM kernel: No interval found for...
  8. xequtor

    keyboard problem after sleep, "b" repeat if out of focus

    I have a keyboard problem after sleep, "b" repeats self if out of focus first when I press a key the "b" will stop repeat it self. Can't be the Keyboard I had the same problem with my old keyboard.
  9. xequtor

    Wake on LAN, does it work?

    did anyone try to make it work? I tried today but no luck.
  10. xequtor

    How To restore to original Apple Bluetooth?

    I installed to Macbook BT module and need to reinstall the original Apple BT kext. The HP Probook Installer installed a BT dir in /Extra but is not realy best solution for original Apple BT, it worked better before I installed the HP Probook Installer but there is not option to opt-out BT. So...
  11. xequtor

    Apple Keyboard stickers and remove old stickers

    I'm looking for way to remove the original sticker on the keyboard w/o damaging the plastic keys, somehow washout the sticker. The reason is because I want to apply new transparent stickers like the command key. Does anyone have source/supplier for transparent (not the one black one) keyboard...
  12. xequtor

    Lian Li PC-V352 + Gigabyte P55M-UD4 + 9800GT 1GB SC

    here few pics and spex from my build: CPU i5-750 MoBo Gigabyte P55M-UD4 GPU GigaByte GV-N98TSL-1GI Silent Cell RAM G.Skill 4GB KIT ECO PC3-12800 DDR3-1600 CL7 HDD Samsung SpinPoint F3 1TB PSU BeQuiet E6-500W BT TARGUS ACB10US I had to trim the case in the back to fit the GPU card.
  13. xequtor

    Is it posible to hack BIOS to accept ESC and not DELETE?

    I have Apple keyboard, the small one and there is no DELETE key (Fn+Backspace aint working) and no other key combination works to get in to BIOS so I thought maybe is it possible to edit the original BIOS file and change DEL to ESC? MoBo: P55M-UD4
  14. xequtor

    [SOLVED] Problem with Rosetta and VueScan and CanoScan

    I have problem with scanner tools VueScan and CanoScan Toolbox, they have to run in Rosetta, if I enable VueScan to open with Rosetta then it crashes and if I open it w/o enabling Rosetta then I can open it. CanoScan Toolbox crashes if I try to scan, I can see The scanner (canon LiDE 80) in...
  15. xequtor

    [SOLVED] SoundSticks and (Mouse) interference - P55M-UD4

    When I use SoundSticks (USB) I have interference with USB Mouse, chirping, silent gaps 0.5-0.05 maybe. I did try different USB ports, USB hub (Dell 2405) same thing. Same with Flac, MP3 or MKV in VLC and iTunes. With Build-In audio output (headphones) no problem. Any idea? I have this...
  16. xequtor

    [SOLVED] RAM issue with GA-P55M-UD4 and G.Skill ECO 2x2GB

    I have problem with RAM and don't know if its Mobo RAM or Bios two G.Skill 2GB installed but just one is enabled and BIOS shows 2GB and not 4 GB. OSX shows 4GB MenuMeters just 2GB, does anyone has this problem and/or solved it? screenshots here: viewtopic.php?f=22&t=2151&start=30
  17. xequtor

    Applw WiFi, Atheros AR9280 AR5BXB92 Mini Pci-e

    does the Apple WIFI Atheros AR9280 AR5BXB92 Mini Pci-e work OOTB? With a PCI adapter.
  18. xequtor

    neu build p55m-ud4 and i5-750 in a G5 case

    I got tired of my Macbook 2GHz C2D and sick of prices of new i5 MBP or iMac i5/i7 so i started today to buy parts on ebay for a hackintosh, what i got today: i5-750 - 110 EUR (eBay, used) P55M-UD4 - 105 EUR (eBay, new) G5 Dual 2GHZ - 85 EUR :D (eBay, but for sale again) PSU BeQuiet E6-500W -...