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  1. d112570

    High Sierra + HDMI + Random Black Flashes

    Hey guys, I have High Sierra install and everything works as expected, but the screen randomly blacks out then its normal again. High Sierra + GTX 1080. One HDMI Cable is connected to my Yamaha Receiver RX-V679. One Display Cable connected to my 4k Monitor. One Optical Audio Cable connected to...
  2. d112570

    [Solved] No PCI-Ethernet Card installiert (Sierra)

    Hi, I get this message "No PCI-Ethernet Card installiert" in the system profile box. Could someone help me in this? Mainboard is GA Z77-DS3H. I have El Capitan running and ethernet works on my SSD #1, but I did a fresh install of Sierra on SSD #2 and Ethernet does not work under Sierra. I...
  3. d112570

    Sierra Black Screen with Inject Nvidia disabled

    I have a GTX 660 Ti, I read on the web that Nvidia needs to be disabled, but when I disabled I get black screen after loading. When I have it enabled I can log in, but only 1 of my monitors are active, the other 2 are offline. I went from iMac 14,2 down to 13,2 since the original iMac 13,2 has...
  4. d112570

    Hide partitions in Clover without UUID

    How do I hide partitions in clover which do not have any UUID? I can modify Windows 10 since it has a UUID, the disk 3s1,s3,s5 all show up and I can't remove them from clover boot list since they don't have a UUID using clover configurator. I have 3 i like to show, windows 10, macOS sierra...
  5. d112570

    Success Asus Z170 Deluxe

    Required to get started: Mainboard: Asus Z170 Deluxe CPU: Intel S-1151 Core i7-6700K "Skylake" Boxed Ram: DDR4 8GB/2400 Crucial Ballistic Sport LT Power: 600W Be Quiet! E10-CM-600W Straight Power SSD: 2,5 SA3 120GB Samsung 850 EVO MacOsX: 10.11.2. Any USB Keyboard/Mouse 8 GB USB...
  6. d112570

    SSD Sleep/Wake issue

    After a year trying to find out why my System crashes after a long sleep, it seems to be my SSD. Under 30 min its ok, after 30 min computer wakes up fine, and updates the time before it freezes. On my HDD it wakes up fine doesnt matter how long it slept, any fixes for this? David
  7. d112570

    Bluetooth Dongle For European users with wake.

    For those living in Europe (Germany) and not able to get the IOGear Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter from the U.S. of America. This one works out of the box and with wake sleep works perfect. Tested on 10.8.4. Belking v4.0 + EDR USB Adapter #F8T065BF Been searching for almost a year for one in...
  8. d112570

    The Forum "remember me" Login does not work

    It does not remember me when I click on it and log on, every visit I have to relog in.
  9. d112570

    Messed up screen if you have 5 or more SSD/HDD

    If I have 4 Hard Drives or SSD connected its all ok, but If I have like 5 of them then Chimera does't display them correctly. For example my first SSD is partly on the left screen and partly on the right screen and both highlighted, and the last Hard Drive is over my SSD. This is what my...
  10. d112570

    Mountain Lion will not boot of SSD Drive

    I have a OCZ Petrol SSD III 128 GB Flash drive, I installed Lion and it works great, but Mountain Lion does not boot of it just a spinning wheel is all I get. Installed lion again and it works, installed MT just a spinning wheel or circle what ever it is. I tried both fresh and over Lion...
  11. d112570

    Need Advice for Sound Card, BT & WiFi, etc.

    For anyone, 1. Which is a cheap Audio Card you can buy that works both on Mac & PC which has a optical digital out for 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound. 2. A WIFI and Bluetooth card which also works for both Mac & PC, I understand Gigabyte makes one but not sure if it works for the mac version. 3...