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  1. peronajo

    Stuck at loading apple logo after verbose when booting installer

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to boot to the Mojave installer which I installed on a usb drive using RehabMan's guide. I've added the necessary kext and drivers and used RehabMan's config.plist for Intel UHD 620 graphics. However, when trying to boot the installer from Clover with the -v flag my...
  2. peronajo

    Can't boot Mojave installer: stuck at apfs_module_start:1393

    Hello everyone, I've been following RehabMan's guide to boot the osx Mojave installer on a Asus VivoBook S14 laptop, but i get stuck at the line apfs_module_start:1393, what could be the problem? I've attached my EFI folder. Thanks in advance.