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  1. Marassi

    Geforce GT630M 2gb Enabled?

    Hello people, I noticed this information from the Geforce GT630M 2gb card shown in Sys Info. Is it enabled? Is it possible to switch to it? I have -Nvidiadisable in config.plist Please tell me about it. Intel Core i7 3610M 2.3 / 3.3ghz, 6mb cache; 8gb DDR3; Intel HD4000 / Geforce GT630M 2gb;
  2. Marassi

    Wi-Fi enable bcm94322hm8l in Catalina 10.15

    Hello everyone. I am trying to enable my bcm94322hm8l wifi card by following this thread: I can see at Hackintool that he's there. I also have the wifi icon on the desktop, but it won't turn on. Can you help me know what...