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  1. riphutn

    HP Probook 440G4 Installation Support

    Hi, you can try this:
  2. riphutn

    << Solved >> HDMI not working on HP Probook 440 G4

    Thank you, but I found another HP Probook 440 G4 EFI folder ... everything works for me except for the fingerprint You can try (attached EFI) you might need to use Clover UEFI Hotpatch to install kexts to L/E...
  3. riphutn

    << Solved >> HDMI not working on HP Probook 440 G4

    Hi, can you please share your EFI folder and exensions folder? I had everything working then i lost it and now i cant get hdmi to work
  4. riphutn

    HP ProBook 450 G4 Working

    Hi, I had an almost functional Hackintosh (on HP Probook 440 G4; i5-7200U, 930MX / HD620, Wi-Fi DW1560) since June 2019 and in November (a month ago) I did something that made it 100% functional (I don t know what). It booted in less than 10 seconds, everything worked - it was like a real...
  5. riphutn

    [Guide] HP ProBook/EliteBook/Zbook using Clover UEFI hotpatch

    Hello, I installed this once and it was working but i messed up something and i didnt have backup Now i tried this again and everything is working except battery status and trackpad So any solution? I have HP Probook 440 G4: i5 7200U upgraded to 16GB RAM intel hd 620 latest bios
  6. riphutn

    HP ProBook 450 G4 Working

    Hello I have same HP 440 G4 kaby lake How should i start with postinstall? I mean, I'm going to install MacOS and then, I'll go straight to the guide?
  7. riphutn

    HP Probook Installer Clover Edition

    Will this work for HP Probook 440 G4? (i5 7200, 8GB DDR4, 930MX/HD 620)