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  1. davidk845

    Sound Cards

    Are there any sound cards that are plug and play with hackintosh, or any guides to get them working for example the creative sound blaster zx cardThanks
  2. davidk845

    Boot*from hard drive

    How do I boot from the hard drive and not the USB it won't book from my 'Mavericks' HDD
  3. davidk845

    Corsair vengeance pro

    I was wondering if the corsair vengeance pro 1866mhz will work in a hackintosh?
  4. davidk845

    New gigabyte ud4h vs. ud5h

    Which board will be better? I plan to overclock an i7 4770k and will use this board for gaming and video encoding. Other than connectivity and fan headers are there any differences between these boards.
  5. davidk845


    What is the difference between using two sticks of ram or four?
  6. davidk845

    GeForce GTX 770 Works

    The new 770 has great fps. I was wondering if anyone has it working?
  7. davidk845

    Dual boot - Mountain Lion and Windows 8

    Hi I am new at this and was wondering if you can boot straight into osx automatically and then have the option to press a function to stop this automatic boot and select your second os. Thanks