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  1. BakaPhoenix

    Random freeze on Nvidia GT 610

    Hi! I recently finished making my hackintosh and everything works fine except i have some random freeze from times to times that makes me reboot the machine. I checked the console to see what is the problem and i found this error at the time the pc froze. 26/07/16 19:04:32,101...
  2. BakaPhoenix

    Problem making Bluetooth work

    Hi! I just finished installing my machine, but i have a problem with the bluetooth. Just right after the installation it worked and i could already pair my magic trackpad and it worked fine. But right after the installation of the wifi card it stopped working. The kext i used is...
  3. BakaPhoenix

    Which Nvidia gt610 brand should i take?

    I need to buy a cheap gpu for my hackintosh i was thinking about the nvidia gt610. Which brand should i take? Anyone is ok? I'm looking for an hdmi with sound oob is it possible? Thanks
  4. BakaPhoenix

    Nvidia GeForce 210

    Hi! I need to buy a videocard for my hackintosh build, i don't need a powerfull gpu. I found this card used for cheap: Is it fine for a mavericks build? or i should take a 610 that works fine out of the box? Thanks