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  1. cinebonh842

    Recomendations for a Gigabyte Z68 board

    Hi I currently have an Intel motherboard that I use for my hackintosh but it doesn't work well and has a bunch of problems. I need to get a new board that will work with My i5-2500K and GTX 560 that I already have. I also need to be able to run 10.8 Mountain Lion on it and 10.9 Mavericks when...
  2. cinebonh842

    Issues with install

    Hi I have a perfectly working lion install but I am trying to update to ML. I have created my Unibeast drive but when I try to boot from it i see the apple logo for half a second then it restarts. I have tried PCIrootUID=0, Graphicsenabler=no, -x, -f. I don't know what to try next so please...
  3. cinebonh842

    Will there be better fermi GPU support in mt lion??

    Hay, I am wondering if Mountain Lion will have better drivers for fermi cards. I have a GTX 560 and its lags opening launchpad but once I open it a few more times it becomes smooth again. I am also wondering this because it seems like apple is switching back to nvidia.
  4. cinebonh842


    Hi. I have an EVGA GeForce GTX 560 and I can't get it to work completely properly. For example when I open launchpad it is lagy but if I open it a few more times it get slows. I have heard that I need to edit my applegraphicspowermanagement but I have no idea how to. I have tried to find a guide...
  5. cinebonh842

    GTX 560 takes time to "wake up"

    Hello every body and thank you for this great website and community! I recently got an EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Superclocked and I'm loving it. Its really fast and it pretty much worked OOB. The only problem is when I let the GPU idol for a min or two and then I launch launch pad or Mission Control...