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  1. meatsupreme

    Panic on shutdown

    Brilliant, thanks that has sorted it. I had a usb bluetooth dongle I'd forgotten about plugged in round the back, removing that solved the error. I've setup my USB ports with a custom SSDT now, will try and get the bluetooth working again another time. Will try and solve my boot entry issue now...
  2. meatsupreme

    Panic on shutdown

    I'll try creating a custom SSDT, is this the correct guide:
  3. meatsupreme

    Panic on shutdown

    Hi, since updating to Mojave I've had the following issues: Restarts after shutdown, error report on startup which I've included below, seems like it's failing to shutdown properly causing the reboot? Everytime system boots a new boot entry is created in BIOS, I've deleted these manually using...
  4. meatsupreme

    [SUCCESS] Midrange desktop built for about £700: Z170XP-SLI - i5-6400 - GTX 750Ti

    I'm posting this as a lot of the builds on here are very high end and thought this might be useful for anyone looking for a mid range kind of option. Working great and not too painful to set up, very pleased as last time I tried this years ago it was a bit of an ordeal! I'm using this for app...
  5. meatsupreme

    Critique my proposed build please!

    Hi I've been busy searching up parts for a build, if anyone can spot any potential problems I would love to hear them before spending any money. Focus is on a mid range Hackintosh that is reliable and works out the box. I'm not doing anything heavy duty like video editing or gaming this is...