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  1. cicciodux

    Wifi Killer 1535 AC

    Hi guys! After some years, is it actually possible to get a functional WiFi on High Sierra with a Killer 1535 or fresh new 1550? I try some guide with Broadcom but my laptop crash on windows part. Anyway, I'm on Clover. TY
  2. cicciodux

    Problem with Audio in Yosemite with Asus RAMPAGE IV BLACK EDITION

    Hi guys, as i said, how can i get the sound on my mobo, with mavericks was simple to get it, multibeast and install alc 1150, but now does not work. Pease help me!!!!!
  3. cicciodux

    Yosemite installer loading PROBLEM

    I have that message: [PCI Configuration begin] Obivously i try with PCIRootUID=0 and 1 with also -v GrsphicsEnabler=No and Yes nv_disable=0 nvda_drv=1 and 0 Plz Help me i7 4930K 2x GTX 780ti 32G corsair dominator 2133 Asus Rampage IV Blac ED
  4. cicciodux

    Need help with GTX 780ti SLI

    Hi guyz! Please, i need help to enable the SLI with my GPUs, how i can to enable it, i have a perfect hackintosh with 3 monitors connected in DVI, 2 on the 1st gpu and 1 in first DVI port but I have a video only with 2, why? Latest driver installed, cuda installed, my boot flags are: (Asus...
  5. cicciodux

    Install Issues with 10.8.5

    OMG... Crash... System Uptime in nanoseconds error, i use -v -x -f cpus=1 npci=0x3000/(2000) PCIRootUID=0 USBBusFix=Yes GrphicsEnabler=No UseKernelCache=No and rd=disk1 for recognize my secondary HDD for OS X use... AHCI enabled but in the screen i saw an error about IOPCIFamily and...