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  1. cdoublejj

    last os to support Core i5-650 with iGPU"Intel HD"? Lenovo M90Z AIO

    have an m90z AIO, specs say it's an Core i5-650, i tried to see which igpu it is but, i think it's LEGIT just "Intel HD" first gen iGPU. i believe that would be an improved variation of the "feces" gpu architecture. i think the bare minimum for any recent macOS is like intel HD4600 so idon't...
  2. cdoublejj

    Mavericks garbled / snow on Intel hD2500 (asus X502c)

    just install Mavericks on an Asus X502C and it has an Intel HD2500 video card in Pentium CPU 2117U X502CA-HPD1104K-G it's garbled snow if i don't boot in safe mode.
  3. cdoublejj

    any one know how to partition a drive in disk utility?

    i'm having the darnedest time making 2 930gb partitions with 1 3gb partition in the middle on a 2tb hdd, the smallest partition it will let my make is over 100gb and when i punch in 3 it manual resizes and makes 1 partition way bigger than 930gb. why i can't i just tell it what i want and it...
  4. cdoublejj

    How is people are still able to install mavericks to this day?

    How is people are still able to install mavericks to this day? I when to do a clean install of mavericks except for in a the past couple of hours i have learned mavericks has been wiped clean form the face of the earth after the yosemite launch. save fora very few people who are able to still DL...
  5. cdoublejj

    what OSX versions will work with EVGA GTX770 4gb Classfied?

    what OSX versions will work with EVGA GTX770 4gb Classified? i've seen a mentions of folks using it. will mavericks work with it? will Yosemite? are there any advantages to upgrading to yosemite?
  6. cdoublejj

    Have the video problems been sorted out?

    Have the video problems been sorted out? i know there are people who after intial install can no longer boot or rather get a picture or image at boot... after initial install, sometimes even after trying boot commands. gas this been resolved yet?
  7. cdoublejj

    VooDoo HDA improeprly install and cannot be used

    i'm running MB, and it says "VooDoo HDA improperly install and cannot be used" after it just installed the voodoo HDA.
  8. cdoublejj

    not givng me correct resolution options

    So it sees my video cards and both monitors. Dell P992 and Dell M993s. The Dell P992 it lets me run at 1600x1200 just like it did in MtLion but, the M993S it will only lets me run at 1280x1024, in MtLion it would run the proper 1600x1200 for the M993s as well. What Gives? is there a way to make...
  9. cdoublejj

    I have some questions them avericks guide fails to answer.

    i do mean this guide. so basically it's a clean install just if your upgrading you don't format. but why do i need to run multi beast after installation. i already have...
  10. cdoublejj

    Floppy Drive acess [10.8]

    Are there any kexts or mods that you or VMs access the floppy drive on the mother board?
  11. cdoublejj

    GTX480 no GPU acceleration.

    I'm running 10.6.8 snow leopard, fresh install, fresh update to 10.6.8, fresh update of Chameleon and fresh install PCI configuration Fix. Just trade my GTX570 for a GTX480 which I noted from the HCLs people have working with SL. I clean installed because I tried this a few times with some...
  12. cdoublejj

    Where do we go for site help and bugs?

    Where do we go for site help and bugs? I don't see a section for this. (maybe i'm blind?) As I just ran in to problem with the site.