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  1. Enzo.F

    Install Monterey help

    Hi all, Thanks in advance for any help! I'm on Catalina with clover 5104. Now I have an USB with macOS Monterey install. I've succesfully booted into the installer and after the first installment steps the install wants to reboot. This is the point where it does not advance forward. I...
  2. Enzo.F

    Thunderbolt: No drivers are loaded

    Dear members, I've installed a JHL7540 Thunderbolt card in my computer. Now Hackintool shows the device but System Information says "Thunderbolt: No drivers are loaded." How do I load drivers for this card. Do I need to use Kexts or do I have to change SSDT? I'd be very happy to read helpful...
  3. Enzo.F

    I have a strange boot failure

    I'm a happy user with Catalina and Clover 5104 but lately I've found strange things. Onboard audio did not work anymore. There were updates for some kexts and my graphics were glitching in boot. Now it does not boot anymore. See the message attached. Does any one have a clue? I want to switch...
  4. Enzo.F

    From 5104 to 5128 no success

    I'm on Catalina and prior updating to BigSur I want to update to the new clover version. I've tried various options: Installing a clean clover 5128 into a second EFI partition. I see the choose screen and When I want to start booting macOS Catalina it only shows the Apple logo but does not...
  5. Enzo.F

    Stuck on getting Radeon RX570 to work in Catalina

    I'm really really lost. I have Mojave working with some sleep/wake problem but that's fine. Everything works as it should. Performance is satisfying. I've installed Catalina a dozen times but I run into the same problem time after time. I can not mount an Efi folder on Catalina. Not the one on...
  6. Enzo.F

    Radeon RX570 fully working in Mojave but not recognized in Catalina

    I'm having a successful Mojave install and the dGPU is working as expected. I use Lilu and WhatEverGreen. Further install wasn't necessary. When I do a clean install on an other hard drive, cloned the Efi and got Catalina running by booting with arg's -x -v -f (safe mode) runs well. But I can't...
  7. Enzo.F

    booting install fails at apfs_module_start:1683: load

    Dear all, I'm on Mojave and tried an update to Catalina, this failed several times ending up with a partially copied system drive to the Catalina system. So I've decided to freshly install Catalina on a different hard drive, connected via USB. When this runs I can CarbonCopyClone the freshly...
  8. Enzo.F

    Any insight in update process to Catalina

    I've made a copy of my installed macOS Mojave partition to an USB connected SATA disk before I started the update process to Catalina. I decided to first try to update the USB disk. Booting macOS Mojave from the USB disk is slow but it works. Then I've started the update process. First step is...
  9. Enzo.F

    Catalina doesn't install ATI Radeon RX570 after update

    After a smooth install with Mojave and a few weeks of smooth running I updated to Catalina today. My system is not working properly after the update. One of my monitors (both connected to Asus Rog Strix RX570 8gb) gives a strange mode and the other is showing the mouse and its movements but it...
  10. Enzo.F

    How is this possible? Can anyone explain pls?

    So I've successfully booted my High Sierra. I copied the config.plist and I edited the copy and saved the new config to config2.plist. In Clover boot options I selected the new config2.plist to test it. Boot didn't succeed. Now I want to boot with the unchanged config.plist and that boot don't...
  11. Enzo.F

    assistance with Hackintool 2.9.3

    I've got an install running. The graphics acceleration is not working properly. I try to fix this with Hackintool. first question: what does the "Go to current" button do? second question: in the info screen the Intel generation shows up as '???'. How can i fix this? This config: I use an...
  12. Enzo.F

    I messed things up for the worse

    I did some tweaking in Clover after a re-install of clover. It worked but i kept tweaking. Now i can’t boot. In some cases i got an error at TMSafety and see attached.
  13. Enzo.F

    Rog Strix RX570 8gb supported in Mojave?

    I'm considering to get the Asus Rog Strix RX570 8 GB gdd5 or the equivillant RX580. I don't have any experience with a GPU card and software installment and support. Would this work in my Mojave system? I'm assuming it would because the Buyer's Guide give similar cards with same RX570 and...
  14. Enzo.F

    Confused right direction?

    I've got my configuration running but 'About this Mac' shows only 6 mb of video memory. I'm reading and working to get this fixed 'cause I want to work with graphics apps. In Clover Configurator the model is 19.1, seems quite reasonable, Intel Core i5 9600k (3.7gHz, 9th gen) When I check...
  15. Enzo.F

    Workaround needed

    I want to switch from the onboard gpu to a pcie gpu. How do I set the steps in this process?
  16. Enzo.F

    Updating MacOS for security reasons

    Ok, I’ve got Mojave running, pretty satisfied besides some video memory issue to be fixed. I’ve seen a message about new software updates for Mojave from Apple. Can I deploy these updates without messing my setup?
  17. Enzo.F

    Enlarging the amount of vRAM

    Dear community, I've successfully installed Mojave onto an Asus Z390-plus gaming with onboard Intel 630. I've resized the vram allocated for the Intel 630 to the max of 1024 mb. How do I tell Mac Os that it has this amount of memory? Thanks in advance for any help! Best regards,
  18. Enzo.F

    << Solved >> Missing operatV2.0system message

    I followed the steps in . i get a message that drive creation was successive. When i want to boot from the usb, the system says 'Missing operatV2.0system'. I'm now trying with the...