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  1. relaxer2020

    hackintool current frame buffer empty

    does this mean my frame buffer is not configured or its something else ?
  2. relaxer2020

    opencore configuration

    i downloaded 0.6.8 and replaced files in EFI and restarted. but opencore configuration still thinks its 0.6.3 how i can fix it?
  3. relaxer2020

    swift quit unexpectedly

    i get this error "swift quit unexpectedly" and something crashes when i open xcode any ideas? MacOS error report: Process: swift [3435] Path: /Applications/ Identifier: swift...
  4. relaxer2020

    VDA Decoder Fully Supported, airplay still doesn't work

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------- System Info ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Host iMac.local OS Version 11.2 (Build 20D64) Kernel Darwin...
  5. relaxer2020

    11.2 update not visible

    i am on 11.1 with opencore 0.6.6 and update just doesn't show up any way i can force it ?
  6. relaxer2020

    RTL8111H big sur 11.1

    it doesn't go higher then 10base i have 1gb lan i also have usb dongle which on same cabel holds 100base but i know for fact that it can handle 1000base i tried Mieze / RTL8111_driver_for_OS_X 2.3.0 2.2.2 on 2.3.0 it doesn't even detect cable and on 2.2.2 it works on 10base
  7. relaxer2020

    doesn't see 11.1 update

    how many times i don't refresh it still stuck here any ideas ?