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  1. Tino2

    Intel NUC (D54250WYK) upgraded to Yosemite with Clover Successful, but no sound

    Install from Multibeast 6.x the Lan driver 2.5.4 works fine for me. With sound i have still no success ... :beachball:
  2. Tino2

    Problem with sleep after a few hours "sleeping".

    Yes right, Ethernet Wake works for me with autopoweroff disabled ...
  3. Tino2

    Problem with sleep after a few hours "sleeping".

    Try to disable autopoweroff ... had sleep Problems an it was solved with this ...
  4. Tino2

    Mavericks - Random Freezes Mainly After waking from sleep

    Yep i thought too, but my H87N Wifi never worked as it should, so i swapped to a H87I Plus from Asus and it works fine. Needed to Edit DSDT and disable autopoweroff. Now sleep is stable and haven't had a reboot for 7 days ... My guess is Gigabyte MB hast a bad batch or maybe some serious...
  5. Tino2

    Mavericks - Random Freezes Mainly After waking from sleep

    Lots of problems, changed ram, increased voltage and so on :banghead::banghead: still not working. This issues is discussed a lot in the forum, search the solutions and try out. Since i switched to Asus no more troubles with the same Ram, Sleep works even long time.
  6. Tino2

    GIGABYTE GB-BXi5-4570R brix pro

    Autopoweroff is 0 now and i still have the Problem, there might some other settings in Pmset? Active Profiles: AC Power -1* Currently in use: standby 1 Sleep On Power Button 1 womp 1 hibernatefile /var/vm/sleepimage darkwakes 0...
  7. Tino2

    GIGABYTE GB-BXi5-4570R brix pro

    Any Solution regarding this issue? I have the same error on a Asus H87I Plus. Sleep failure code 0x00000000 0x1f006c00
  8. Tino2

    New Haswell based build freezes after booting up

    It looks like Gigabyte has some Problems with there 87 Boards, i had a mini itx with 2 Slots and the same Problem. So had many other users, eventually they can solve it with a bios update or the board needs RMA ... The whole Forum has many reports about this Problem not only with 4 Ram Sticks...
  9. Tino2

    Just a warning with Asus Mobos

    Someone might know the cause of this reboot instead of sleep? If i send the pc to sleep it turns off, a second after it turns itself on for a secon and off again. Afterwards it reboots itself. :beachball:
  10. Tino2

    GA-H87N-WIFI won't wake from sleep

    Me too, same Problem, probably Gigabytes issue. First had Ram troubles with Kernel Panics, so this issue disappeared. But now with relatively stable system this issue appeared. Someone a solution besides RMA...
  11. Tino2

    Random Freezes - Another possible culprit?

    I tried all kind of things with my 8Gb Kingston Blu, replaced the Ram (RMA), increased different Voltage, changed frequnzy, changed timings no solution. Then i bought a 4gb Ram stick Kingston Blu an the system runs perfect without any crashes. And yes the 8Gb is on the compatible Ram list...
  12. Tino2

    Mavericks Hackintosh Freezes

    Yes its possible and i heard also a lot about 2 Dimms freezes on mini itx builds like mine. I also have some freezes, far less frequent but they are still around. Might timings might voltage, but Gigabyte will probably keep silent until they know a solution. Otherwise it could get RMAs out of...
  13. Tino2

    Mavericks Hackintosh Freezes

    Ok looks good try manual 1600 mhz without xmp if this not helps go down to 1333 ....
  14. Tino2

    Mavericks Hackintosh Freezes

    Ok lets have a look at the bios in: Advanced Memory Setting --> Channel A Timing Check the Timings for each channel (A/B) if they are 10-10-10-30 (Cas-tRCD-....) If not switch "selectable Timings" to manual and put in 10-10-10-30 manual. Try if system run stable ...
  15. Tino2

    Mavericks Hackintosh Freezes

    It depends, which Ram are you using? (Brand and ID)
  16. Tino2

    Mavericks Hackintosh Freezes

    Hi i had similar troubles, First check the Ram, remove all Banks and test with 1 Ram Bank occupied. This solved the Problem almost for me. But i got still frequent lock ups, i checked the timings from the Ram which where to tight. After manual timings for the Ram my system ran fine. Now i have...
  17. Tino2

    Z87X - random freezes PLEASE HELP

    Hi i had similar Problems, as it started it was quite often. I replaced the Ram and i got less freezes, but it still froze once a day. I checked the Bios Setting of my Kingston Blu Ram and it had wrong timings at 1600 Mhz. I corrected the timings as specified for the Ram an my System Runs now...
  18. Tino2

    CustoMac Mini 2013: GA-H87N-WIFI - Core i3-4340 - Intel HD 4600

    I know three issues with wake from sleep. Computer runs but display is off, probably Graphics Problem maybe patch FramebufferAzul Defective Memory, if sleep works sometimes and sometimes not. Computer freezes and not just display is off, whole system won't respond. Wrong Settings...
  19. Tino2

    Sleep Wake issues with Mini-ITX Deluxe Build (GA-Z87N-WIFI)

    My issue was the Ram, replaced the defect Module and Sleep worked flawlessly
  20. Tino2

    Bad motherboard? Bad CPU? Bad RAM??? Bad something for sure!

    Check the Logs in Windows might you get some information out... BTW Haswell isn't compatible with 10.6.8 so this will never be a stable combination. Have you checked if the Ram is compatible with the Mainboard? Bios update, Firmware update of sdd should also be checked. Lastly might you get...