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  1. Maximusprime2x

    Motherboard with least compatibility issues

    What motherboard has the least amount of setup and compatibility issues with OS X and (Clover)?
  2. Maximusprime2x

    The new Boot loaders are killing my build

    I use the Intel DP55SB Mobo 1156 socket with are Xeon CPU. My system works great until I try to update to either of the two new version of the (Chimera) boot loaders. I can only use the older version found in (Multibeast 4.6.1) when I use the new version my MAIN problem is my trackpad don't...
  3. Maximusprime2x

    Help with my GTX 660Ti

    I have a EVGA GTX 660 Ti graphics card and the best Frame Rate I get is 30.27. Im using socket 1156 with a Xeon Cpu over clocked to 2.99 GHZ I have 16 gigs of 1600 mhz ram The problem I'm having is what in multiBeast should I check BY DEFAULT for this graphics card? My system boots with no...
  4. Maximusprime2x

    Bloated Fresh Install

    Iv'e noticed in the last few installs Mt Lion takes up 3 to 4 time the hard drive space and thats on a clean install. It used to only use about 6.25 Gigs of hard drive space now without any programs or apps no multibeast it uses 23 to 24 gigs of HDD space and that on a SSD or Mecanical HDD. I...
  5. Maximusprime2x

    WHY OS X over Windows 7?

    My time working with OSX has been mostly re-installing it after I check 1/one wrong box in MultiBeast. A single mistake will cause a KP and 98% of the time I can't recover from it. So I wonder why people put so much faith in a Mac? The OS seems to be so fradgile unlike Windows7 thats VERY...
  6. Maximusprime2x

    The 20 dollar question. Is Mountain Lion worth leaving Lion for?

    With all the problems of features not working in ML such as eject button usb port not being able to boot and the list go on an on is leaving Lion really worth going to Mountain Lion?
  7. Maximusprime2x

    Three Weeks With 5.0.2 Not a single good HDD Boot Yet

    I have tried everything I can think of to check and not check in Multibeast 5.0.2 after my installation of ML. I have re-installed ML so many times to only get the falling curtain or the KP after I run MultiBeast and reboot.its almost to the point of insanity where you do the same thing over and...
  8. Maximusprime2x

    MultiBeast is so frustrating

    All the other MultiBeast was so simple to use this new one is a pain get a KP everytime after install and reboot. I can't make heads or tails. what am I suppose to check? Had to reinstall ML 3 times just to start all over again. About to go back to windows 8. This is not fun anymore MY RIG...
  9. Maximusprime2x

    Do I Really Need A DSDT?

    I have a Intel DP55SB MicroATX motherboard that I have never used a DSDT with. The only thing that don't work is the sleep mode. From what I researched a DSDT won't help the problem anyway. My rig is this The Intel DP55SB mobo Xeon 2.53 overclocked @2.85 Ghz,16 gigs of Gskills 1600 Ram, Nvidia...
  10. Maximusprime2x

    Loading Snow Leopard with ATI or Nvidia

    Have anyone successfully load Snow Leopard with a ATI video card? If my first attemped to build a Hackintosh I used the ATI card I hard installed in my daughters PC I would have soon gave up do to the INABILTY and DIFFICULTY to setup a Hackintosh from start to finish with ATI card. Nvidia 8500...