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  1. justase

    Any Lynx PCI Card Success Stories?

    I used a Lynx AES16 PCI on a EVGA X58 SLI Classified 3 with i7 920 in OSX 10.8.5 Mountain Lion for a couple of years. Worked flawlessly with my Apogee AD16X and DA16x units in Pro Tools and Logic. Super Solid system. I also used this card successfully in Windows 10 on a MSI Z97 SLI plus which...
  2. justase

    Pro Tools HD and Hackintosh

    It should work.
  3. justase

    Pro tools HD4 rig on Gigabyte P85-D3 i7 4790K Devil´s Canyon OSX ML

    Hi, I just want to confirm, did you get the pci tdm cards working on the GA-P85-D3? I thought they weren't supposed to work right on PCI to PCIe bridged motherboards? I thought it had to be true PCI (like on sandybrige/ivybridge) I run a sandybridge rig but my main gaming PC is z97. If what...