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  1. Maximusprime2x

    Motherboard with least compatibility issues

    What motherboard has the least amount of setup and compatibility issues with OS X and (Clover)?
  2. Maximusprime2x

    Install OS X El Capitan with Chameleon

    I have a Intel DP55SB mobo that I can boot Yosemite with Clover, But I have not had a single install of EL Cap, Clover is too advanced for me because I don't understand what boxes to check and not to check on the loading install screen, I've asked for help a many time but nobody responded. I...
  3. Maximusprime2x

    How To Install OS X Yosemite Using Clover

    I have always had FaceTime its the iMessage that don't work. I have donated a few hundred bucks to this site but I can save my money and go buy a used Mac Pro. It used to be fun when you making progress. Instructions are too misleading to follow. Gonna build a X99 system this winter.
  4. Maximusprime2x

    How to Fix iMessage

    I agree too much work
  5. Maximusprime2x

    How To Install OS X Yosemite Using Clover

    If Clover is supposed to be so far ahead of multibeast/Unibeast why is it so much harder to setup thats if up get it setup then so much post installation you gotta do? Only thing Clover has going for it is iMessage.
  6. Maximusprime2x

    MultiBeast 7.0 Update

    I have yet to figure out how to get the 889 audio to work I gotta keep going back to a older MB package in order to get my audio and thats with a clean install.I use the optical outputs
  7. Maximusprime2x

    Favorite Old school Motherboard

    Intel DP55SB and its still working like a champ builtin Bluetooth and all (Socket 1156)
  8. Maximusprime2x

    OS X 10.9.1 Update

    Magic Track Pad will not auto connect after I shut down then restart my rig/PC I must shut off Track Pad then manually reconnect track pad. Can anybody help me?
  9. Maximusprime2x

    OS X Mavericks is Now Available on the Mac App Store for Free

    Went Back to Mnt-Lion. Maverick runs too clunky for me and I see why its a free upgrade there is no big visual changes that I see. But mostly it runs to rough. Time machine icons not showing up as they should. Freeze ups so I will wait for a while. I use hot swap drives so it only take a second...
  10. Maximusprime2x

    MultiBeast 6.0 Update

    Let me get my Debit Card again this is the BEST MULTIBEAST YET. You can print or save your system setup with just one click so EZ to use. You guys hit another home run thanks guys.
  11. Maximusprime2x

    MultiBeast 5.5 Update

    This MultiBeast package FIXED ALL MY PROBLEMS from my network to audio. My network speed is back to 1 Gbit up from 100 Mbit I can log into my app store again plus all this installing and re-installing helped me learn how to use this new Multibeast package far better Now I don't need to use...
  12. Maximusprime2x

    OS X 10.8.5 Update

    My unique PROBLEM is after I do a clean install BEFORE I add my MultiBeast package my network works perfect including wifi and I can log into my APP store download my programs but once I add MB WITHOUT network drivers reboot I lose my network connection all together except for wifi and I can't...
  13. Maximusprime2x

    OS X 10.8.5 Update

    My Network stopped working My audio stopped working and I can't log into my APP Store account and my iMessage error login still don't work. Thank God for Time Machine restore. Any help would appreciated. My system is Intel DP55SB core i7 Nvidia GTX 660Ti 16 gigs of RAM.
  14. Maximusprime2x

    My hackintosh has been working for over three years - all of sudden i'm having a lot of trouble! HEL

    Use your Time Machine Backup and reimage your HDD to a earlier time before you had the problems. Look on tonymac web sight for the Video on how to use time Machine. It has saved me a few time whew
  15. Maximusprime2x

    The new Boot loaders are killing my build

    I use the Intel DP55SB Mobo 1156 socket with are Xeon CPU. My system works great until I try to update to either of the two new version of the (Chimera) boot loaders. I can only use the older version found in (Multibeast 4.6.1) when I use the new version my MAIN problem is my trackpad don't...
  16. Maximusprime2x

    NVIDIA Releases Mountain Lion 10.8.3 Graphics Drivers

    Inside the Nvidia Driver Manager it says Nividia Geforce GTX 660 Ti not supported and when I try ti enable the ECC it un-checks on reboot. so what must I do?
  17. Maximusprime2x

    Time Machine Backup and Recovery on a CustoMac

    I did not realize I could have done a complete re-install of my setup with my Time Machine backup image wow. I reformatted the whole TM drive when I did the fresh install of the OS. And my setup had been up and running for 7 months with no problems UNTIL I installed the latest Multibeast package...
  18. Maximusprime2x

    Chimera 2.0 Now Available with iMessage Login Fix

    I'm still having trouble with the NEW way you do multibeast I must use version (4.6.1) for Lion if not I can't get my system running. I use the last boot loader and it works great but this new 2.0.1 give me problems I never had before. Such as Keyboard stopped responding, trackpad not (Auto...
  19. Maximusprime2x

    Help with my GTX 660Ti

    I have a EVGA GTX 660 Ti graphics card and the best Frame Rate I get is 30.27. Im using socket 1156 with a Xeon Cpu over clocked to 2.99 GHZ I have 16 gigs of 1600 mhz ram The problem I'm having is what in multiBeast should I check BY DEFAULT for this graphics card? My system boots with no...
  20. Maximusprime2x

    Bloated Fresh Install

    I found out why my OS is using so much space. It was a large 17 gig file called a (Sleep Image) file thats not critical to have on your Mac so I deleted it and now with my apps and all my programs installed I'm using 8.02 gigs of HDD space. I researched it before I got rid of it. Thanks for all...