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  1. SkuenD

    Can't get to Mountain Lion Installation Screen -430 GT

    Hey - I'm trying to install Mountain Lion using Unibeast ( no previous installation, though I used to have SL & Lion on the same machine ) on this computer: GA-P43T-ES3G Nvidia GT 430 With 2 monitors in DVI and VGA 4GB Ram Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.77Ghz When I tried to boot normally, I...
  2. SkuenD

    Black Screen with NVidia GT 430 Official Driver

    Hello. I've recently formated my hackintosh cause my hard drive was a little messy and I wanted to go fresh before upgrading to Lion. I've formated, installed 10.6.8 combo update, launched multibeast with UserDSDT, LNX2Mac's driver, AppleHDA, AppleHDA8xx ( or whatever thats called, cant recall )...
  3. SkuenD

    Can't Always use Full Screen + Wrong Ram - Nvidia GT 430

    Hello. I have A Gainward Nvidia 430 GT DDR3 1024MB. After using MB with Pre-Made DSDT everything ( except sound but that's another story ) Is working great, except for the graphics. I have a couple of problems with it: 1)In Graphics's data window, The system says I have only 512MB. Is this a...
  4. SkuenD

    Audio not working after using MB

    Hello. I've installed ALC8xxHDA & AppleHDA Rollback in order to get my sound working, since my motherboard has an ALC888/ALC892 by Gigabyte's webside, but for some reason sound still isn't working for me. I've used a patched DSDT as requiered. Any help is appreciated, Niv.
  5. SkuenD

    Kernel Panic After Patching DSDT

    After patching the DSDT( solving all the error&warnings using DSDTse+adding method DTGP ), I've used Multibeast with UserDSDT, System Utilities, ALC8xxHDA, AppleHDA Rollback, tonymacx86 classic theme ). After restart, When booting from HDD, I get The following error, showing in 5 languages: "You...
  6. SkuenD

    A new lost user needs help

    Hello. I'll start by saying that I'm very new to the Hackintosh world, and that so far I've been using nothing but Debian linux. After installing and updating the system, i've came to the stage where i need to use Multibeast, and choose between EasyBeast and UserDSDT. I've read that UserDSDT...