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  1. malgorath666

    HP Envy 750-124 Desktop Hackintoshable?

    I have an HP Envy 750-124 Desktop computer. I'm deciding weather to sell or keep it right now and the big factor would be if I can install OSX on it. Its got the generic HP motherboard still in it. My questions are 2 fold. Is this machine hackintoshable and would it be better to remove the...
  2. malgorath666

    Vizio CA27 All In One

    I was thinking of making this into a iMac Clone(looks similar already) and was wondering what you guys thought about it? Any issues you might see me running into? I'd like to get it as complete as possible. What OSX version would you suggest? 10.11 seems logical but not sure if its stable...
  3. malgorath666

    i7-2600K system consideraton

    I have the following system and was thinking of setting up a hackintosh with it as windows 8 is just horrible to me. Mobo: Z77A-G45 MSI (military class III) RAM: 16GB of 1600Mhz HDD(s): - 1x 60GB SSD (on SATA2 for OS) - 2x 2TB 7200 SATA3 (Mobo supports raid but I was going to do...
  4. malgorath666

    FX6860-EF22P Sandybridge

    I am going to purchase the thumb drive at an apple store near buy for osx lion today. So if the install can be done from that it would be super.