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  1. ahadrox

    [Success] - Asus ROG Strix Z490-E Gaming + i9 10900K + OpenCore

    You should try OC 0.6.0, why use of older one if you can get latest stable builds?
  2. ahadrox

    [Success] - Asus ROG Strix Z490-E Gaming + i9 10900K + OpenCore

    Oh I see. I don’t have any relation with AppleTV+ anyway. Just thinking about netflix and amazon prime. So I guess I'm safe and okay with iGPU display output. Thanks.
  3. ahadrox

    [Success] - Asus ROG Strix Z490-E Gaming + i9 10900K + OpenCore

    Hi there, may I know how you fixed DRM for iGPU?
  4. ahadrox

    dual boot w/Opencore 0.5.7

    Thank you very much. Appreciated.
  5. ahadrox

    dual boot w/Opencore 0.5.7

    Hi can you explain what is the bad side of using SpoofVendor as Apple Inc.? Does it affects hackintosh by any chance?
  6. ahadrox

    UHD630 graphics support on H410M

    Hi, I'm really low on budget right now. I just want to get a pc running along with macOS while staying in a budget line. So I've chosen, i5 10400 processor which comes with intel iGPU UHD630 and as for motherboard I selected Gigabyte H410M S2H. So my question is can I run macOS with intel iGPU...
  7. ahadrox

    [SUCCESS] GA-B360M-H + i3-9100F + RX 560

    What's your SMBIOS?
  8. ahadrox

    Optiplex 3070 i3 9100 Graphic Issue

    Try SMBIOS mac mini 8,1
  9. ahadrox

    [Suggestion Needed] How about this coffee lake build for Hackintosh?

    Hi, I'm waiting for getting this pc configuration listed below. My main goal is to use macOS High Sierra without any issues also I'll play some games in high preset at 1080p too. Please note that my main goal isn't only to use the macOS. Here goes the PC configuration : Processor : Intel core...
  10. ahadrox


    What's the update now? Is it running now?