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  1. sky

    BCM943602CS Combo Card For Hackintosh

    Hi dear All, Installed BCM943602CS. Everything works (incl. handoff) except BT audio. It simply can’t find any audio devices if I do search. It sees my Magic Mouse, keyboard and iPhone. But no any BT phones at all. Anybody has this issue? What could be wrong?
  2. sky

    roiuser's Haswell Build: HP z230 Workstation - E3-1245v3 - Quadro K600

    Just use nVidia web drivers: 1) boot with nv_disable=1 until web drivers installed. 2) add to config.plist (Clover) or chameleon.boot.plist (Chameleon/Chimera) this boot arg: nvda_drv=1 3) download and install nvidia web drivers 4) reboot 5) enjoy Btw, i can boot normally on K600 only...
  3. sky

    roiuser's Haswell Build: HP z230 Workstation - E3-1245v3 - Quadro K600

    1. Why NullCPUPM used? It doesn't allow SpeedStep to work correctly. 2. Do you have correct CPU name in "About this Mac" dialog?
  4. sky

    How to Make Any Build Into a Audio Editing Build

    2 years ago I decided to switch to USB from FireWire. Now using RME Babyface instead of Echo AF2. Small and powerful workhorse. Yes, it's a bit expensive but the stability and lower latencies worth it.
  5. sky

    [success] Tagus Thunderbolt WebDev Station: GA-Z77MX-D3H TH (rev. 1.0) / Core i5 3570K / 16GB RAM

    Hi! I lost sleep on Z77MX-D3H TH after 10.8.5 update. Don't you have such problem?
  6. sky

    Decent 27" IPS Monitor

    Whats about new 10-bit LG 27EA83? Nobody here uses this one?
  7. sky

    NVIDIA GeForce GT 430, GTS 450, GTX 550Ti, GT 620, GT 630 Graphics Cards Issues in Mountain Lion

    MSI GT 440, worked in Lion OOB (no problem with sleep), also works in ML but except wake from sleep. The picture after wake is like the same as the main in this topic - many black-grey colored bricks, without ability to see desktop.
  8. sky

    Nvidia GT 440 not working perfectly

    I have an MSi GT440 and not tried to change resolutions (1080p by default is ok for me), but i have strange color rectangle artifacts on display when awake from sleep. These artifacts makes work impossible after sleep. Did'nt you experience the same effect?
  9. sky

    Video Card Compatability List.

    MSI GT440: with GE=Yes works ok with QE/QC but when resume from sleep, many different colored rectangle artifacts appeared (until full covering of desktop view).
  10. sky

    Video Card Compatability List.

    Mine Sapphire HD 5750 is fully working after adding ID to that 2 kexts. Please note that "0x68be1002" string should be added with small "be" letters (NOT "0x68BE1002") Also, i use these video-related strings in org.chameleon.plist: <key>AtiConfig</key> <string>Vervet</string>...
  11. sky

    UniBeast 1.5 Update

    Z77M-D3H/3770K/GT440 During install, something wrong was with video after NVGF100Hal loaded from Uni USB but after i removed that kext, everything was seamless. I installed NVGF100Hal later with kextbeast after all, and it works ok in system. Thanks dear team!
  12. sky

    UniBeast 1.5 Update

    Z77M-D3H, i7-3770K, MSI GT440. When boot from USB with -v flag, after all kext loads and log screen finishes, video turning off (the LED on drive flashing when press keys on kb, i guess the boot process goes ok, except video loss). Tried with HDMI and DVI outs. Probably, new NV100HAL doesn't...
  13. sky

    Gigabyte's Thunderbolt Motherboards Live - Available Soon

    mATX version with TB is actually what i want :)
  14. sky

    USB 3.0 on Gigabyte UEFI Motherboards- XHCI Mode Explained

    Do not use MultiBeast USB3 driver in Gigabyte Z77 mobos. Just turn on xHCI option in BIOS as explained before
  15. sky

    Z77M-D3H - I3-2120 all most there but need help

    Hi! I have the same mobo, does your USB 3 ports work? I have some troubles with native USB 3.0 support P.S.Solved with xHCI Mode - Enabled in BIOS.
  16. sky

    [SOLVED!] USB3 didn't work Z77M-D3H

    Ok, i'll try to perform some deep investigations later :) Thanks for support! :thumb up: P.S. Solved with xHCI Mode - Enabled in BIOS. Thank youuuuuuu!!!! :clap: :thumbup:
  17. sky

    [SOLVED!] USB3 didn't work Z77M-D3H

    I read your topic first, i swear! :) I just deleted NEC/Renesas PXHCD.kext installed from Multibeast because of such case: Until i deleted it, this patched kext merged devices (in System Profiler) in USB3 port with existing USB 2 Root Hub (no separate xHCI hubs were seen). Only after deleting i...
  18. sky

    [SOLVED!] USB3 didn't work Z77M-D3H

    Hi bro! Could you please give a screenshot with System Profiler USB? I can't run any USB 3 devices after deleting PXHCD kext. Now it shows hubs correctly but i can't use it :( Here's my screenshot with USB drive in USB3 slot - completely don't see it. xHCI / EHCI Hand-off activated, xHCI Mode -...
  19. sky

    Calling Early Ivy Bridge Pioneers - Share Your Experiences!

    No problem) Yes, this way. You may install BH 5 without USB drive, just run it after 10.7.4 combo installed and asked for reboot. Do not reboot, just run BH 5.0 and reboot only after it was installed