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  1. Amigatech

    Share your favorite Mac OS X software

    LiveCode - Remember when you could make / program your own stuff with HyperCard? Well, if Apple had continued to advance HyperCard, this is what it would be today.
  2. Amigatech

    2013 Mac Pro case

    Dimensions of the DLink is only 4.6" x 7.6" (not 6.6" x 9.9" like the Mac Pro). A NUC motherboard alone is 4" x 4", and lives inside a case that is 4.59" x 4.41".,21946.html
  3. Amigatech

    2013 Mac Pro case

    I saw this dlink router, and wondering if there are Hacky-compatible tiny motherboards which will fit inside.
  4. Amigatech

    home made imac :)

    @vbob Could you elaborate on the purpose of the toothbrush on the power supply?
  5. Amigatech

    home made imac :)

    Dude, there's NO WAY you're getting that in a turkey! :-D
  6. Amigatech

    Hackintosh Pro - PowerMac G5 2004 model

    I really like the 2 color, black and silver design. It lets you know it has Apple history, but it's a bad-ass now!