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  1. eltoncerqueira

    Bluetooth not found

    Hello, I bought this card, because in the compatibility listing showed that it was native in macOS, but I think something has changed after the update, because it is not working. This is my "M.2: BCM94350ZAE / DW1820A - native WiFi / ac and BT4LE" card. Only WIFI is recognizing by Rehabman kext...
  2. eltoncerqueira

    [solved] DELL 5458 | ALC255 Don't active with condeccommander

    Hello, my audio has a problem activating. After starting my hack, the audio activates but when I put the headset the sound gets a strange noise, but if I put the hack to sleep, when I wake up, the audio in the headset is normal. I think codeccommander is only working in sleep, but in ioreg it...