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  1. smtips

    Mojave doing nothing but black screen

    Just sitting there forever never loading at the "Loading Operating System ..." screen. All instructions followed to the letter to create install media. I'm pretty savvy at this stuff and have built several hackintoshes since Snow Leopard, but this is a "deal breaker" after waiting almost an hour...
  2. smtips

    Solved > UniBeast never completing disk

    The USB seems to have the right amount of space used. But Unibeast has been running now for over 30 minutes and it's never moving from about 1/8 complete.
  3. smtips

    Slow Boot with SSD Solved

    So I have been looking everywhere trying to come up with a solution for this 1:30 boot time on this new SSD build. I found it after some hours of testing various things. Key is to disable the Onboard VGA check on the MB. See the screen shot. It went from 1:15-1:30 boot time to 15 seconds! I...