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  1. oli.mathieu

    internal SSD hot swapable ?

    I have a BackPlane with 4 Trays each for an 2,5 SSD. It is plugged to the motherboard by 4 SATA cables unfortunately macOS doesn't support hot swap on SATA port. So I tried to look for a cable internal USB header ➧ SATA Is it a good idea ? Have you got a better solution ? Thanks
  2. oli.mathieu

    Activity monitor for Nvidia GPU

    I've just discover that the activity monitor shows my Nvidia GPU activity. I remember to try that way back without success. Someone knows since when it works ? Someone know if it works with dual Nvidia GPU ? Thanks
  3. oli.mathieu

    10.13 update fails

    I have a laptop (Specs in my signature) with multi booting on the internal M.2NVME, with clover It works fi either with High sierra or W10 But ( because there is a "but :-D) I can't succeed to update High sierra either via the AppStore or with the Combo Update. It reboots on the "update install...
  4. oli.mathieu

    Pc case available in Europe/France ?

    Hello I'm looking for this PC Case :In-Win PE682T2 or : In-Win PL689 I can't find a website to buy it !! Any advice ? thanks
  5. oli.mathieu

    RAID 5 Case USB 10Gb/s

    Hello I'm looking for a RAID 5 case with a USB 3.1 gen 2 Connector (USB A/USB C) I found this : It only has 4 drives !! I need More Any advice would be much appreciated Good day
  6. oli.mathieu

    True HDD trays

    Hello I'm looking for PC case with True HDD (3,5) trays. Plug/Unplug SATA&Power while moving the tray. Pretty much like Legacy Mac Pro. SuperMicro Cases are too big/heavy for me. Idealy toolless :-) Thanks P.S I know all Icydock Products
  7. oli.mathieu

    Software installation fails

    Hello everyone Something wrong with my laptop, and I don't know where to look for ideas. I didn't find anything related in this forum .... laptop Dell XPS 9360 OS 12.10.6 I tried to update clover ➧ Installation Fails I tried to instal a software ➧ it fails I repaired the HD (from another...
  8. oli.mathieu

    HEVC Hardware Encode/Decode

    Is there anyone who know how to verify that High Sierra is really Using hardware (Intel 6th or 7th corei7) acceleration for Encoding or decoding H265 a.k.a. HEVC Is it a new QuickSync (well Known for H264)?
  9. oli.mathieu

    XPS 9360 Graphic : HD620 + QHD Screen without patching the BIOS

    Hello I've got XPS 9360 with I7 7500U with HD620 and a QHD+ Screen (3200x1800) The BIOS (ver 2.2.1) GUI information shows an DVMT of 64 MB (not editable) I run MacOS 10.12.6. I would like not patching the BIOS but the frameBuffer instead (via clover) to increase (up to 128Mb?) the...
  10. oli.mathieu

    Thunderbolt 3 - cheapest test adapter/dock

    Hello I want to test the "thunderbolt 3" of several motherboards. As thunderbolt 3 and USB-C share the same connector, I find tricky to know if a usb-c hardware is truly thunderbolt 3 for example or...
  11. oli.mathieu

    Final Cut Pro X 10.3 and Dual NVIDIA GPU : Jerky H264 playback

    Since I've Add a second identical NVIDIA GPU to my system I also change my SmBIOS ➧ MacPro 6.1 + AGDPFix The H264 files playback is really jerky I remove the seconde GPU and don't touch the SmBIOS, everything back to normal Any clues, suggestions ? Thanks in advance
  12. oli.mathieu

    Tripple Boot on Two Drives

    Hello My Mobo is Z10-Pro I have installed OSX MacOS Sierra on first drive And I 've installed Window 10 then CentOS 7 on second drive Clover is on the First Drive. It shows The MacOS and the Windows 10 but no CentOS (Linux flag is true in GUI parameters). I've copied the Centos Folder of the...
  13. oli.mathieu

    Looking for a Mobo with

    Hello For a post-production hackintosh I'm looking for a Mother-board that can have 2 GPUs PCI gen3.0 x16 1 BlackMagicDesign Monitoring Card PCI gen 2.0 x4 2x M.2 I've seen the ASUS X99-Pro but the bandwidth of the PCI x16 #2 is obscure to me !! And has only one M.2 connector Any Suggestion ...
  14. oli.mathieu

    Decklink - Video Monitoring Card

    Hello I've already post this, but in the wrong forum section I think... I use mackintoshes for video post-production. 3 of them has PCI monitoring video card from the same brand :BlackMagicDesign There is a "bug" in 2 of the 3 hackintoshes related to the sound output : Rig 1: Z170 Mobo with...
  15. oli.mathieu

    Decklink - Video Monitoring Card

    Hello I use mackintoshes for video post-production. 3 of them has PCI monitoring video card from the same brand :BlackMagicDesign There is a "bug" in 2 of the 3 hackintoshes related to the sound output : Rig 1: Z170 Mobo with alc1150 onboard audio and Deckling Minimonitor Rig 2 : X99 Mobo with...
  16. oli.mathieu

    Final Cut Pro X & Resolve

    Hello I mainly Use two softwares with are technically opposites Final cut Pro wich is OpenCl and Use GPU where the monitor is plugged Resolve wich is CUDA and best Use A GPU with no monitor pluged-in My Rig : CPU i7 à 4 Ghz RAM 24 Go @ 2800 Mhz Mobo Asus Z170-Pro GPUs Intel HD 530 & GTX 780Ti...
  17. oli.mathieu

    R9 390X wrong RAM amount

    Hello I've just installed an ASUS R9 390X instead of my Sapphire R9 280X It works OOB (no ATI inject, no fakeID, good Luxmark bench results) I've connected only one display via displayport But it doesn't see all the VRAM, only the half 4GB instead of 8GB Any Ideas ? Thanks in advance Olivier
  18. oli.mathieu

    Only one Keyboard Layout

    Hello French is the main language on my Yosemite hackintosh. And each time I open any session, I've got only one keyboard Layout : the american one. I always need to add and switch to the french keyboard Layout. Any ideas to fix the trouble ? I did my installation with unibeast 6.1.1 means...
  19. oli.mathieu

    Displayport blocks complete shut down

    Hello I've got a GA-Z87MX-D3H mother board with an core i7 4790 OS : Maverick One of my display is plug via Displayport, When I shut down OS X , the OS is really shutting down, the displays turn black , and the energy saving mode, but the mother board won't shut down. If I unplug the...