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  1. cliffg

    Upgrading a working system

    I currently have a fully working system including Messages. I am looking to upgrade my system to something a bit more powerful. Can I re-use all config file with all the values that are working from my current system on a new system to insure that my Messages keeps working? Has anyone had...
  2. cliffg

    R9 285

    Has anyone gotten an R9 285 running fully in Yosemite?
  3. cliffg

    Yosemite/iCloud/iOS8 issue

    I was testing out the Yosemite Beta and had installed Yosemite on my machine a few times. Now on the new iCloud under Settings > My Devices I have 4 or 5 different machines as they report signed in and running Yosemite or iOS8. Does anyone know how to clean these out?
  4. cliffg

    ASUS or Asrock?

    I am interested in a new motherboard fr my current build. I have narrowed it down to the ASUS Maximus V Formula or the Asrock Z77 Extreme11. I have seen threads with people having built with the Maximus V Formula using Samisnake's modified BIOS. It is not clear whether they get their builds...
  5. cliffg

    GBU521 not working?

    The IOGear GBU521 is said to work OOB. I have added one to my system and ML does recognize it. Unfortunately I cannot pair any devices that I was previously able to pair. A magic Track Pad and an iPhone. Has anyone else experienced an issue with this device? I do see the Broadcom adapter in...
  6. cliffg

    Neverwinter Nights 2 / Mountain Lion / nVidia

    S Has anyone tried Neverwinter Nights 2 in Mountain Lion using an nVidia card ? I tried with a GTX580 and was receiving some graphical errors I did not get I'm Lion. I also do not see these errors if I use an ATI 6870 in ML. Has anyone else seen this or had success with a different nVidia card?
  7. cliffg

    Evga gtx580 3gb

    Does anyone have this card fully working in ML? If so what steps did you use? Thanx.
  8. cliffg

    ATI 69xx / 78xx

    Can anyone report fully functional 6970 or 7870 ATI cards in ML? If so are they natively working?
  9. cliffg


    Has anyone here testing the Intel DZ77RE-75K motherboard yet? My biggest concern in the Intel HDA Audio. Can anyone confirm compatibility and if the Audio works under Lion?
  10. cliffg

    Roxio Toast 11

    Does anyone use Roxio Toast 11 with a GTX5XX series nVidia card? Does the video boost for using CUDA when converting movies files work? I have seen the list of their "supported" cards and there is nothing newer than a GTX285 but I am guessing that is because it was the newest card you could...
  11. cliffg

    GTX580 upgrade

    I upgraded to an EVGA GTX580 3GB from a 6870. It may just be me but there seems to be more of a hesitation when opening the application launcher menu. Has anyone else experienced this? I edited my NV100HAL file and ran the GeForce fix from Multibeast. I was able to launch a 3D game and that...
  12. cliffg

    User Groups

    I know the majority people here use Gigabytes motherboards but why have the user groups only been maintained for Gigabytes? There are a large number of people using Asus Z68 and P67 based boards yet we have no user group.
  13. cliffg

    Security Update

    Before I try to install it, did anyone have any issues installing the security update from last week? Was MultiBeast required afterwards?
  14. cliffg

    GTX 580 / CUDA, Davinci Resolve LION

    Hopefully someone who has one can comment but I believe I read somewhere here the GTX580 will work with Adobe but you have to add it to a list where it lists graphics cards that can be used with Premiere.
  15. cliffg

    Using UniBeast after an XMove Installation

    I browsed the board here briefly and did not see anyone ask this so I am going to ask. I had a SL installation and used the XMove method to create a Lion install. I would now like to create a new drive with only Lion. Can I now go back and create the USB from the SL install that is still on...
  16. cliffg

    EVGA GTX 570 HD

    I know the standard GTX 570's can be enabled in Lion. Does anyone know if the EVGA GTX 570 HD 2.5GB version will also work in Lion?