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  1. susudio

    All apps turns question marks (unable to open), need access to APFS from outside!

    Hi fellas! The other night after one time of sleep issue (put to hibernate but waked up, so I shut my Hack down as usual) The Next day I was trying to use my Mac but after login to desktop, almost all apps' icons became ..." Big Question marks" and click them but not able to open (not even...
  2. susudio

    [Help] Recovery Volume not mounting anymore ~ and I need it.

    Hi dear All, The system updated itself when I was sleeping last night and I don't want it (I noticed the update thing will cause the system not able to reboot, need a hard reset) so I use time machine back to 10.13.6 w/o any security update. The problem I saw is, I lost the previously existing...
  3. susudio

    Help me "USB mouse wakes up machine soon after I put it to hibernation

    Earlier I did have a similar issue as the title says but the issue has been addressed by making USB DSDT profile. I originally use Logitech G3 mouse(*consume 98mA power) But since I add Razer gaming mouse(*consume 500mA power as reported), the wakeup from sleep issue is coming back... (it has...
  4. susudio

    What is the best way(for efficiency and safety consideration) to place load external kexts?

    Hi, hack lovers ; ) I have been a very happy Hackintosh user for 10 months since version 10.12.6! Yeap! One thing got me for some time and would like to have your clarification: I settled to load kexts lists below mainly from UEFI partition path (#1.), for my PC configuration which works fine...
  5. susudio

    Some app's drop down menus not working - they only flash and disappear.

    I am experiencing the Drop down menus issue on new UI design, they just flash and disappear - anyone sees the same issue as well? How do I fix it?:angel::|
  6. susudio

    A Neat solution:Switch Audio Outputs with a Keyboard Shortcut

    Hi Guys, I wish to share with you a really fast and convenient method to switch between your audio sources, it is best for scenario like most of the users have: having sound cables hooked on both headphones and amplified stereo speakers but don't like to move mouse far away to the small menu...
  7. susudio

    .dmg files will not mount or mount with different (existing)name, sometimes (Error code-reddit quote

    I saw an issue report in Reddit as below and it seems not only I have this issue occasionally, although restart can give you a fresh mountingplatfpfm, we wonder if there is any tool or terminal command to have it fixed as well...
  8. susudio

    [Solved] Strange POST message before Clover boot menu shoud up!

    Hi Guys, I am good with 10.13.1 and not planning to update until what is major on the shelf. I do have a small issue which causes no big trouble but just want to confirm:geek:, as the attached screen capture shows, every time I boot, there will be 2 second shows a message with...
  9. susudio

    Sluggish page swiping (virtual desktop) when Spotify or Chrome presents

    Hi Guys, I am on High Sierra 10.13.1 with great system stability. However, I noticed that there will be some sluggish when I try to swipe between virtual desktops if Spotify, Chrome or Vivaldi (not iphoto, not itunes or MS word not no one else, at least not that obvious) presents on the page...
  10. susudio

    Solved > A ROM patch for JMicron JMB363 (GSATA) with DVD Fix High Sierra not recognizing issue.

    I have been using old but functional JMicron JMB363 PCI-e card to extend old IDE DVD-ROM for windows for some time. This summer tried Hackintosh and loved it(DVD attach on JM363 card's SATA port works! Great!). But I had issue since update from Sierra 10 12.6 to High Sierra, before that Sierra...
  11. susudio

    except when running games(black screen), my video is quite normal

    Hi everyone, I build my Hackintosh as a bonus since I have been using windows 7 for years, I finally gave MacOS sierra try by utilizing the empty M.2 slot, it's very straight fwd, unlike my last attempt 5 years ago. Nvidia web driver has been installed and working. But when I try out gaming...