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  1. Tipika

    HDD in DVD slot on 450 G1?

    I inserted an HDD in the DVD slot using an adapter. The HDD isn't being recognized by any operating system. Is this unsupported on this laptop?
  2. Tipika

    Radeon 4870 with dual DVI

    Hello, I have a Geforce 210 that works very well, HDMI included, the problem it's that I can't play GTVA IV even at the lowest settings :lol: So I was thinking to replace it with a Radeon 4870, does it work in OS X Lion without much hassle? Also I need dual monitor working
  3. Tipika not found

    Hi, my Lion installation was working fine. Everything working, multimonitor, gpu, sound, ethernet, update to 10.7.1 Then, i installed the latest security update, after the reboot I get a kernel panic: kext - library kext not found Can't load...
  4. Tipika

    Any supported GPU can be ok?

    Hello, I am trying to find a supported video card I found a nice fanless geforce 210, but, as it is common, the same gpu is sold from dozens of different manufacturers I read that the geforce 210 is supported out of the box with hdmi audio and multimonitor support (right?), does this means...