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  1. ashman70

    Boot question

    My hackintosh install became unstable on both of my SSD's so I unplugged all my drives, reinstalled my NVME drive and installed Windows 10 on it which I am currently writing this post on. If I wanted to plug my drives with OSX back in along with leaving my NVME drive installed, could my windows...
  2. ashman70

    System randomly reboots

    I was away on vacation for a week during which time my system was powered off, prior to this it had been rock solid stable. This morning I turn it on, after maybe 10-15 minutes it just restarted. This went on until I left it off again for half an hour or more. Came back booted it up, it stayed...
  3. ashman70

    Not sure how to proceed with Mojave upgrade

    Right now I am stable on HS 10.13.5 however I am running an older version of Clover (not sure which version) and I am a little wary of upgrading clover in case my system becomes unbootable. Do I need to be careful upgrading clover or just 'do it'?
  4. ashman70

    Clover upgrade question

    If I upgrade clover, will it upgrade using and not changing whatever options I am using, or will I have to select the options again? How do I know which options I am using so I know which ones to choose? Or which ones to disable or uncheck?
  5. ashman70

    [Solved] Unable to boot into OSX

    I had a power failure yesterday and upon booting up I am unable to boot into my High Sierra 10.13.5 installation on my NVME drive, I can boot into the install on my regular SSD, but when I try to boot into my NVME install I get a cascading screen of text that does not stop, see attached picture...
  6. ashman70

    USB configuration

    Can someone look at my config.plist and tell me if my USB configuration is correct. I believe it is, but I am trying to get a BT/Wifi card working and the USB connection to the motherboard for BT is not working at all. Thanks
  7. ashman70

    [Solved] Crazyness

    I was trying my new wifi/BT card in different slots on my computer today and it started rebooting due to KP. It seems to have corrupted my main boot drive, I can boot into my two backup drives. I ran first aid on my NVME boot drive and it came back saying it's ok, but I am unable to boot into...
  8. ashman70

    BCM943602CD funny wifi and no BT

    Got this card in the post yesterday, put it in my machine today, no BT but WIFI seems to work. Funny thing is that the network utility that comes with OSX has disappeared so I can't check at what speed the wifi is connected. I searched through the forums and came up with a few things, one was to...
  9. ashman70

    Need some assistance with Asus F555L

    Installing High Sierra on an Asus F555L. The system has an Intel core i3-5010U, 2.1GHz CPU, 12GB of RAM and a Samsung 250GB SSD. I've managed to get High Sierra installed, but need some assistance to go further. Right now I can only boot into OSX from the USB boot drive and I have to select...
  10. ashman70

    [SUCCESS] Ashman's Coffee Lake Build

    [CENTER]Ashman's i5 Coffee Lake Build: Gigabyte Z370-HD3 i5-8400 - Asus OC RX 560 4GB
  11. ashman70

    [Solved] Making a new drive bootable

    This may seem like a silly question but here goes: If I am adding a new drive to my system that I want to be the new OSX bootable system drive, do I need to install Clover on to it, or just clone it, copy over the contents of the EFI partition and select it from the bootable options in the...
  12. ashman70

    [Solved] Migrating to an M2 SSD

    Right now all my SSD ports are in use and I am booting off a 2.5' SSD. If I wanted to migrate to an M2, would it be as simple as: 1.Disconnecting one of my drives to free up a spot for my current SSD. 2.Install the M2 3.Use carbon copy cloner to clone my existing SSD to the new M2. 4.Change the...
  13. ashman70

    How to diagnose random reboots and crashes

    Is there an easy way to diagnose random reboot and or crashes? Or do you simply have to go through the logs and try and figure it out?
  14. ashman70

    10.13.4 is out

    Been waiting to try this update, hope if fixes my freezing issues which I think are related to my AMD GPU
  15. ashman70

    [Solved] Switched back to AMD RX560 from Nvidia, still have glitchy video

    Not quite sure how this is possible, but I switched back to my AMD RX 560 from my Nvidia 960 and I am still experiencing glitchy video. I uninstalled the Nvidia web drives, removed all Nvidia kexts, removed any Nvidia entries from my config.plist, what else is there to do? I never had this...
  16. ashman70

    Question to AMD RX560 users on 300 series motherboards

    This can apply to 570 user too I guess. What combination of lilu\whatevergreen kext and or RadeonDeInit setting are you using? Are you using any other kexts or settings in config.plist? Are you experiencing any system freezes?
  17. ashman70

    Can't get three monitors working with Nvidia 960

    So I switched back to my 960 from my AMD RX 560 because my system was randomly freezing and I simply couldn't narrow it down to anything but the video card. I had replaced the RAM, everything else was brand new. Now I've got my system working however if I boot with all three monitors plugged in...
  18. ashman70

    Swapped GPU's need help

    I have swapped out my AMD GPU for my Nvidia 960. I had to install the Nvidia web drivers with my AMD card installed and now when I boot up with my Nvidia card the drivers do not detect the card? Do I have to reinstall the web drivers? I installed version 161 of the web drivers. I realized that...
  19. ashman70

    Recommend hardware tests

    In an effort to try and figure out what is causing my system to freeze, can anyone recommend some hardware tests I can run on my system? Something more comprehensive than memtest?
  20. ashman70

    Nvidia web driver issues

    Are folks still experiencing glitchy video and artifacts with Nvidia 9 or 10 series cards using the web drivers? Or has this been resolved?