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  1. PotatoGamer

    [SOLVED] Apple USB Superdrive used to work, not anymore after fresh Sierra re-install

    SOLVED!!!! All I had to do was Google it....:lol::oops::crazy: This past week I've been struggling with build re-installs on my Hackintosh. Now that I have a functional system again, I'm trying to use an Apple USB Superdrive and I keep getting the infamous "USB Accessory Needs Power" message...
  2. PotatoGamer

    [Solved] How to boot directly into macOS Sierra without going thru Clover menu

    My adventure so far: I went back to square 0 and made a new Unibeast boot USB stick and reinstalled Sierra 10.12.5 on my Hackintosh. Then I installed drivers from Multibeast, and then proceded to update Clover to the latest version, and installed latest drivers for graphics, audio, etc. (I...
  3. PotatoGamer

    [SOLVED!] T6E Wi-Fi card does not work with Sierra 10.12.5

    I installed the TP-Link Archer T6E wi-fi card, however, I can't make it work, even after trying a fix I found in this forum. I can still connect thru Ethernet though, but I don't want to stay tied to wired connection all the time. However, when I boot in the recovery partition and browse the...
  4. PotatoGamer

    [SOLVED? Not quite] My Hackintosh boots very slowly then video "dies"

    Greetings, I finally built my Hackintosh and installed Sierra. After a few normal reboots this started happening: the Clover interface shows up, the progress bar under the Apple logo starts normally and then, near the end it slows almost to a stop. Then the video cuts to black and get the...
  5. PotatoGamer

    4 Questions from a First Time Hackintosh Builder

    Greetings, I started buying components for my Hackintosh build last year. One year (and a new car) later I've been able to finally get all the components. My concern is: 1-I got the GeForce GT 740 graphics card then, and now I don't see it listed anymore. Is it still being supported? 2-I...