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  1. PikeRAlpha

    USB 3.0 DSDT mods

    Part I I want to share something with you. I've seen people copying lines from Apple ACPI tables into their own tables. Probably without even knowing what it does, and in some cases it is pointless. Have a look at this code snippet: ​Alias (SBV1, SDGV) Method (_DSM, 4, Serialized) { If...
  2. PikeRAlpha

    AppleIntelCPUPowerManagementInfo.kext (MSRDumper successor)

    Introduction One of my latest sub-projects, AppleIntelCPUPowerManagementInfo.kext – successor of MSRDumper.kext – is ready for its first public appearing. Target Audience This is not something everyone here should run. Not yet. What we like to see is feedback from people who know how to...
  3. PikeRAlpha

    SSDT generation script (Ivybridge PM)

    Pike and Jeroen have updated RevoGirl's script (v0.9 was written by RevoGirl) and added support for Ivy Bridge and Haswell processors. Many other improvements have since been added/tested and our update also includes a simple installer (app). Instructions 1) Download the...