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  1. blackpanther26

    need help with apple script on macbook pro

    I'm trying to use a battery widget if you call it with geektool on my desktop and I try to run the script only to recive an error about the directory or file location. here is the screen shot I got. I just want to know how to get this running. thanks
  2. blackpanther26

    Fresh instal of SL and can't boot form drive

    I just did a fresh instal of Mac OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.3 and then updated to 10.6.8. I ran multibeast. I selected user DSDT and I still need iboot to boot from drive. I have 2 hard drives. the 1st on is Windows 7. the second one is Mac OSX with some space for storage for Windows because the...
  3. blackpanther26

    I just bought a Blu-Ray drive

    I was wondering if there is any way for Mac OSX to support the Asus slim external blu ray drive so I can watch Blu-rays on mac osx?
  4. blackpanther26

    slow boot loader

    ok I have had my hacentosh up and running for more than a month now. And now when I boot it takes for ever to go to the boot screen where you chose your Operating system. What could be the problem?
  5. blackpanther26

    any way to crossfire in mac osx?

    I was just wondering if any one has managed to crossfire 2 ATI cards before and how to do it. I am thinking of getting a 2nd ATI Radeon 5870. Thanks
  6. blackpanther26

    Windows Can't configure to run on your computer's hardware

    ok I have 2 drives for storage. 1 is for mac osx and the other is for Windows. The one with mac osx I have it partitioned as GUIDE and the other as Master Boot Record. Every time I try to instal windows on it I get the message "Windows can't configure to run on your computer's hardware" Error...
  7. blackpanther26

    how about a hard ware forum

    Today Sandy bridge was released. And I think sense this is kind of like a computer forum. I think it would be complete if we had a hardware forum to discuss hardware like CPU's, GPU's and Motherboards.
  8. blackpanther26

    any support for the sound blaster X-fi Titanium

    I have got my system up and running at almost 100%. except my sound card from Creative labs. I'm just wondering if there is any plans in the future to support the sound blaster X-fi Titanium. Here is the card I have. I just don't like the idea of switching audio ports all the time. :) Keep up...
  9. blackpanther26

    is there a way to stream slip 10.6.5 to the instal disk

    I was just wondering if you can stream slip updates and the iboot CD to install snow leopard. you know like how you would insert fixes and drivers to like the windows install disk.
  10. blackpanther26

    after instaling audio drivers my screen goes black on start

    ok I downloaded the new multi beast and installed the audio drivers for it. I reboot. And when it boots from the hard drive my screen goes black and my GPU's fan spins at 100%. I even had it working in 64-bit mode. My specs are in my sig. Beside that I don't have this system overclocked right...
  11. blackpanther26

    how to take pictures and upload them?

    I'm just wondering on how to take pictures and upload them to the site?