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  1. ghorwith

    multiple empty images of the mojave drive

    Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this: Over several days or so I get multiple copies (all empty "ghost" files) of my mojave ssd (see uploaded image). 'Get info' shows they are indeed [left over] images of the mojave ssd. I have sleep enabled, so I suspect it's some quirk related to sleep...
  2. ghorwith

    High Sierra Root Security flaw

    Anyone running HS should make sure the Root security issue patch from Apple is implemented (should be out when you read this). Description is here
  3. ghorwith

    Multibeast kext install failure

    Rehabman, Shortly after you posted Multibeast 10.0.0 I tried to update FakeSMC in /L/E but it fails to do so with the following from the log file: MultiBeast log 11/08/17 14:49:31 - Starting MultiBeast 10.0.0-20171106 11/08/17 14:49:47 - Mounting EFI 11/08/17 14:49:47 - Mounting EFI failed...
  4. ghorwith

    Installation fails on firmware verification

    10.13.0 failed to install [at the end of boot from the ssd/hdd] resulting in either a message "An error occurred while verifying firmware" or "The path /System/Installation Packages/OSInstall.mpkg appears to be missing or damaged". Some posts state it is due to not disabling SIP, and others...
  5. ghorwith

    delayed recognition of audio

    Rehabman / Toleda On GA-Z97X-Gaming 7 audio (using a native device in a usb 2.0 slot), loaded at start up in earlier OS X versions, but now in 10.12.5 or .6 takes about 45 seconds before it loads and becomes active. Once loaded output is fine. Not a big deal, but just curious. Sleuthing /...
  6. ghorwith

    Computer Sleep Slider bar missing

    In making sleep simple or using native power management for some cpus, when updating to a new OS version you may discover that Apple has "consolidated" sleep to a single slider bar in Power Management; the Computer Sleep slider bar has disappeared. However, in doing so, the computer doesn't...
  7. ghorwith

    Random panics GA-Z97X-Gaming 7

    Guys, Would appreciate troubleshooting help. System is GA- Z97X-Gaming 7, 16GB DDR3, 3.49 GHz i5, GTX650 TI running Sierra 10.12.5 beta (but this occurs with 10.12.4 too). I'm getting panic crashes after several hours but it seems to be more frequent when I use a web browser (Safari or Chrome)...
  8. ghorwith

    Panic on Z97X Gaming 7 nvidia 650TI

    Running 10.12.5 beta but I experienced the same crashes with 10.12.4 on a Z97X Gaming 7 with a 650 ti video card using native apple driver. The crashes also occur pretty consistently when I run a video using any web browser (chrome or safari). I know his isn't a unique issue, as others have run...
  9. ghorwith

    location for kexts

    Perhaps one of the Clover gurus can provide some insight; MB 8 places post installation kexts in /L/E while Clover places some kexts in the EFI partition. I expect kexts in the EFI partition are available at boot time which can be useful or necessary, depending on the hardware. Since kexts in...
  10. ghorwith

    IPSEC vpn in Yosemite

    Has anyone been able to get Cisco ipSEC vpn working in Yosemite? Ran with no problem until Yosemite, and now it's completely broken. Although there are a few 'fixes' on the internet related to unsigned kexts, nothing I've tried has worked. The same computer booted in Mavericks works fine. (yeh...
  11. ghorwith

    Atheros NIC increase latency

    Has anyone else experienced an increase in latency with the Atheros AR8161 nic on the Z77-DS3H MB? Although I have eliminated this as a factor, the ISP provider is Time Warner. I've run this test multiple times, under different conditions (see below) so extremely unlikely the issue is coming...
  12. ghorwith

    ALC887 kext ver 2.6.3 not working

    Toleda, Running Mav 10.9.4 on a Gigabyte Z77-DS3H rev 1.1. UEFI bios. Previously audio with your 2.6.1 Toleda ALC887 kext worked perfectly. Ran MB 6.4.0 and inadvertently re-installed the audio kext which replaced the old one with 2.6.3. No audio with or without HDEnabler. Re-installed ver...
  13. ghorwith

    Fakesmc versions

    I think this is may belong to the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" category. However, is there any reason to not upgrade to the latest Fakesmc in OSX 10.6, 10.7, or 10.8 as long as the kext files in /S/L/E and /E/Extensions that accompanied the [older] version of Fakesmc are also removed or...
  14. ghorwith

    FakeSMC versions

    I think this is probably a MacMan question and may belong to the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" category. However, is there any reason to not upgrade to the latest fakesmc in OSX 10.6, 10.7, or 10.8 as long as the kext files in /S/L/E and /E/Extensions that accompanied the [older] version of...
  15. ghorwith

    About This Mac Broken

    After installing Mavericks (which otherwise has no issues), I ran into a strange issue. Instead of the usual dialogue for "About This Mac", selecting it resulted in either a login window, nothing at all, or a kp. However, system info works correctly if accessed from the Utilities folder. Well...
  16. ghorwith

    Latitude E6330

    Have encountered 2 issues booting a Latitude E6330 (Chimera 2.1 from MB). If booting with only the laptop display, it enters sleep / power saver mode during the boot (power button alternates from dim to bright). Pressing it powers the display and the login screen. System definition is 9,1. If...
  17. ghorwith

    Updated UEFI GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3

    Has anyone dissected the U1L UEFI (updated 8Mar13) to determine what was changed from the previous 12Jun12 release or successfully flashed their bios?
  18. ghorwith

    EBIOS 0x31 error on boot from SSD

    I know this was addressed earlier, but the thread seems to have disappeared. Initially ML booted from the OCZ Agility 60GB SSD without problems. After corrupting the system, etc. I repartitioned it and started from scratch. Now ML boots ok, but I initially get the error message 'EBIOS error 0x31...
  19. ghorwith

    Bluetooth intermittent

    I see that others have also experienced bluetooth problems, so perhaps a thread just on the bluetooth is warranted. I've just recently put 10.7.2 on 2 identical HP 4530s laptops. One recognizes the bluetooth occasionally, while the other never seems to recognize the internal bluetooth. All kexts...
  20. ghorwith

    GA-P67A-UD3-B3 rev 1.1 v 1.0

    Gordo, Tony, and All - Not sure this post is better placed elsewhere, but have posted here since most of the P67A-UD3-B3 posts are here. If you'd rather move it, please do so. Here's the mystery. Machine is GA-P67A-UD3-B3 F4 rev 1.1, 8 GB ram, and ATI 5770 display card. Win 7 x86 installed...