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  1. NMAN124

    [SUCCESS] Gigabyte GA-Z170X UD3 Ultra w/ i5 6600K, Alpine Ridge

    Photos and updates of what works/doesn't coming soon. I followed the Sierra install guide here. Originally, I planned on using the i5 6600K's integrated graphics, but after installing (even with various combinations of InjectIntel and other things), it was refusing to boot from any device. So...
  2. NMAN124

    2.195 Terabyte ipod classic

    Here's a good one: A while back i buy an old ipod classic, fourth gen., off ebay to put flash storage in it. a VERY long story made short: I'm frustrated and put a brand new, blank, 16GB card in my SD to CF to 1.8" IDE adapter monstrosity and put it into disk mode. this takes a fat minute, and...
  3. NMAN124

    Internet recovery, ROM only?

    Do you need a legit Apple ROM/firmware to do internet recovery, just like you need legit Apple hardware to use Target Disk Mode? (trying to recover corrupted OS X ssd that was in my hackintosh, i thought maybe if i stuck it in a real mac, it might be able to use internet recovery, since i've...
  4. NMAN124

    GTX 480 not being recognized by 10.10.5

    So i have a few theories as to why it might not be recognized, despite all drivers/kexts being what they should be for it to work. Prevailing theory from research is that (i'm a ****ing moron) the card, which i bought long ago and have just been able to use, requires both 8 pin and 6 pin power...
  5. NMAN124

    10.10 to 10.11 using Chimera

    Can it be done? I installed and set up Yosemite using Chimera/MultiBeast, so can I simply update to El Capitan without using clover? or is using clover a must for upgrading?