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  1. maomaoj

    Reset cause the system halt in Clover Gui, how to fix?

    In Clover selection screen, press "r" or "restart computer" icon or "Ctrl+Alt+Del" system will halt. Tried to change different version of Clover with no effect. Power off is the only way to reboot. What casue this problem? I tried in several other compuers with the same usb will not casue this...
  2. maomaoj

    How to fake BCM4322 as 4360 in 10.11.5 and make airdrop&handoff working?

    Follow the instructions @ and now it is working smoothly but airdrop&handoff. My wifi and bt version are DW1510(BCM4322 rebranded as Apple AirPort Extreme)+BCM20702A0, in sys info under wifi shows airdrop is supported and bt LMP version is also 0x6(4.0). In Finder=>Airdrop...