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  1. adrayic

    Yosemite clover ALC 892 issue

    I've installed Yosemite via the clover install guide and followed the ALC 892 7 step guide. I have working audio but for some reason i hear faint "pops / clicks" periodically when there is nothing playing through the speakers. This goes away if I actually have something playing but it is...
  2. adrayic

    How To Install OS X Yosemite Using Clover

    I am having similar issues with the install not booting. I followed the guide exactly (or at least i think I did by triple checking all the options) -- H77n-wifi board w/ GTX 650 TI video card using the nvidia config file. I get a bunch of errors with regard to AppleUSBEHCI unable to obtain...
  3. adrayic

    Suggestions for a cheap, fanless GPU that works OOB

    I need to pick up a fanless GPU that works out of the box with 10.8.1/2/3. I currently have a silent system (H77N, 3225, fanless PSU) that i use for work w/ the HD4000 integrated graphics but I need to add a third monitor (and possibly a fourth). I am not using it for gaming or anything GPU...