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    Is anyone else experiencing issues since upgrading?

    Hey everyone! This is more or less a sanity check. Has anyone else been having more frequent freezing or kernel panics after they've done a direct upgrade from El Capitan to Sierra on their Hackintosh? And I mean random crashes, like when you're watching a video or doing something that El...

    Unable to boot into installer

    So I'm trying to install El Capitan onto my new workstation and I'm not getting anywhere thanks to this error "**** [IOBluetoothHCIController][SearchForTransportEventTimeOutHandler] -- Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport!" Specs: Intel Core i7-4790k Gigabyte H97M-D3H MB (Updated to F7 BIOS)...

    Mavericks installer crashes at Apple screen

    Apple flash and reboot on MSI H81M-E33 I am trying to install Mavericks on my MSI H81M-E33 board but it keep crashing right when the Apple logo appear and Verbose mode doesn't stay long enough for me to take a picture of the error even with the timer flag. What do I do to get around this...

    MSI H81M-E33 OS X 10.9 compatability

    hi, I have bought a nice Core i5-4430 machine for £290 (good bargain, right?) with windows 7 installed and I want to know if the motherboard is compatible with Mac OS X Mavericks if so what do I need to enable in the BIOS and Multibeast to get it working properly, this will be installed on a...