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  1. Stompyy

    Grey/Garbled screen on fresh HS install - Help!

    Did a fresh High sierra install and was able to get to the desktop, which is extremely choppy and garbled as you can see on the attached picture. * I tried countless ig-platforms-ids for my HD400 and the one which came by default on RehabMans config.plist was the one which actually "worked"...
  2. Stompyy

    Cant seem to boot the installer (Black screen upon booting)

    Im having a hard time booting the installer. I can get to the clover menu just fine, but once I click boot macos from osx_install, my screen just goes glowin black and hangs there regardless of the verbose boot flag being present or not. Its just black, no boot log whatsoever. Things I tried...
  3. Stompyy

    How to achieve 4k@60 on an HD530 on a motherboard that has no DisplayPort port?

    So I guess Im kinda tired of waiting for nvidia to get us some god damn drivers, so Im thinking of driving mojave with my iGPU but have couple of doubts. Since my mobo has no DisplayPort port, running 4k@60hz (my monitors resolution) is not possible via HDMI. I think (correct me if im wrong...
  4. Stompyy

    Most recommended network cards to replace my Intel Centrino Advanced-n 6235?

    Intel cards are no supported so looking one to replace the one on my laptop. Requirements: *Natively supported by macos. *Provides both BT as well as WIFI so as to be able to have handoff / Continuity. *Is the same size / form factor as the centrino advanced-n 6235. Thanks!
  5. Stompyy

    Randomly getting the following kernel panic when rebooting

    So I sometimes reboot my machine to change OS and the screen just goes dark while the PC is still on (since fans keeps spinning and RGB leds are still glowing), once I manually boot macOS again, I am presented with the following kernel panic log: Anonymous UUID...
  6. Stompyy

    How can I output signal to my TV via HDMI whenever I feel like it and not constantly?

    Currently my hack is connected to my monitor via a DP cable, I wish to be able to also have an HDMI cable connected at all times which would be connected to my TV, so whenever I feel like watching movies, I would somehow tell my hack to actually stream the image to the TV rather than the monitor...
  7. Stompyy

    Do I need fully working Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to be able to make and receive phone calls?

    So currently whenever I get a phone call on my iphone, I do get the notification on my hack and I am able to take the call just fine, but the other party just doesnt hear me at all. I checked my mic settings and they work just fine, I did a test sound recording and it worked flawless, so the...
  8. Stompyy

    Will this card work for 100% FULL Airdrop, bluetooth, handoff, continuity?

    Will the following card work for 100% FULL Airdrop, bluetooth, handoff, continuity, universal clipboard, making and receiveing calls from macOS, etc? I also wouldnt need an adapter, right? this one already has one? Thanks! Also, would...
  9. Stompyy

    Clover remains after performing a clean Windows install

    This is pretty weird, I guess. I was running Windows 10 and macOS Sierra on dualboot on the same drive, everything was doing just fine until I came upon with this issue ( and decided to wipe macOS and just have Windows, so as we all know deleting every single partition...
  10. Stompyy

    Sierra Installation issues

    I was asked by @RehabMan to open up a new thread for this, so here I am. After using an invalid ig-platform-id, I was able to install macOS to my disk, however I'm unable to boot without the USB even after installing clover to my HDD. Thoughts? Attached picture shows the settings used to install...
  11. Stompyy

    Uncommon booting scenarios

    So I dont know if this is the culprit, but I had this issue ---> [SOLVED] Can't get Nvidia Web Drivers to work after BIOS update and was able to solve it by simulating NVRAM via a driver on CloverConfigurator (EmuVariableUEFI64). However, I turned the pc on yesterday and the boot would stuck at...
  12. Stompyy

    Wondering if my laptop is sorta compatible?

    Specs are on the attached picture. Don't really care if stuff such as Bluetooth works or not. Thanks!
  13. Stompyy

    [SOLVED] Can't get Nvidia Web Drivers to work after BIOS update

    Had a fully functional hack, decided to update BIOS, was unable to even boot as it would get hanged on the Apple logo, checked t he BIOS settings and during the update they were back to its default settings, changed them accordingly and was able to boot with no issues however my gpu is now not...
  14. Stompyy

    [Solved] Panic after installing HWMonitor

    Installed HWMonitor along with the CPU sensor from Rebooted and got this panic. Will attach normal boot and verbose boot. Any idea what could I do to bring my functional macOS back? Specs are on my profile. Thanks. Edit: Tried to access my...
  15. Stompyy

    Any league players who game on a hack?

    Do any of you guys regularly play league on a hack? My system should be able to run league at a constant 60fps on every scenario of the game, even on team fights and all, but for some reason the game aint buttery smooth at all unlike in Windows. I get random fps drops and the overall experience...
  16. Stompyy

    No audio after sleep

    Already downloaded RehabMans codeccomander.kext under S/L/E but it doesn't work. Any clue? You can check specs on my profile and my motherboard uses 1150 codec. Thanks.
  17. Stompyy

    [Solved] What system definition should I use?

    Multibeast installed for me the 14,2 iMac system definition, but clover configurator suggests 17,1 for Skylake users. I am not having any problems but I wonder what are the differences between system definitions? Clover Configurator: You can check my specs on my profile.
  18. Stompyy

    [Solved] USB 3. Functionallity

    Hello there, so I just picked myself a Corsair k95 RGB Platinum mechanical keyboard. There's a third party app (as the original Corsair one only works on Windows) for controlling macros, rgb lights, etc, but unfortunately this software doesn't detect my keyboard. I'm wondering if my Hackintosh...
  19. Stompyy


    So I've just been running my hack for the first time for a couple days and it's been doing just fine for now. I've read multiple build guides from users here to familiarize myself with all the post installations steps that should be taken care of once macOS is up and running, and a constant was...
  20. Stompyy

    HDMI Issues

    I am currently running Sierra via DisplayPort to my 4k display and I wish to add an HDMI connection to my tv so I can just watch movies over HDMI whenever I want. I connected the HDMI and the image was transferred just fine, however I noticed I was unable to select the tv as the output sound...