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  1. MadDan

    Audio Verification

    Now that my build is somewhat stable, I'm reviewing the various system functions. Audio is working, but it doesn't seem to match what my Mobo (Gigabyte H370N Wifi) shows as the audio jack configuration. My board provides Realtek ALC1220 codec. Currently, I have 2 channel capability with either a...
  2. MadDan

    No Bluetooth

    @toleda Edit 1/25/19: Since you're a BT seasoned vet, hoping you can take a look at this. I ended up purchasing a USB dongle as suggested below, but it does not work. Thinking it has something to do with bluetooth already being present? I find it hard to believe that if I bought a recommended...
  3. MadDan

    DVD Player Recommendation?

    I want to install a DVD player into my new build, which will be used as a HTPC. Might sound like old school, but I'd like to be able to play DVD's for the grand kids, and also begin the process of importing my CD collection. There are no DVD players listed in the Buyers Guide. Wondering if...
  4. MadDan

    [Solved] Reboot at about 2 minutes remaining

    Installing on a 250 GB Samsung SSD. During macOS Mojave install, at about 2 minutes remaining, the install stops, then the system reboots. I can repeat this USB install process but w/o any further progress. How can I determine what is causing the reboot, before the install is complete? My...
  5. MadDan

    New Hardware, Old Software?

    I'm planning on building a Hackintosh. As such, I'd prefer to buy the latest hardware as recommended here, to run on MacOS Mojave (10.4). My problem, due to the age of my MacBook, I cannot upgrade past El Capitan (10.11), i.e. the App store will not download the latest OSX available. If I buy...