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  1. locke2000

    updated to Mojave, no quick look or preview jpg, help AMD rx 580

    Sorry I got the same problem. I have to set my OS X as iMacPro1,1 then it can work. Anyway I would like to know that how to set IGPU correctly. I also used as same as CPU as you. (I9 9900K) Please help. Thank you in advance.
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  4. locke2000

    locke2000's Build: Gigabyte Z-370M-D2H + i9-9900K + MSI RX570 ARMOR 8GB OC

    locke2000's Build: Gigabyte Z-370M D2H + i9-9900K + MSI RX570 Components Intel i9-9900K Processor Gigabyte Z370M-D2H Motherboard DDR4 RAM 16/3200 KINGTON HYPER X PREDATOR...
  5. locke2000

    Help, cant get my GTX 980 working on El Captain

    It also work for me. GA-Z97X-UD7 TH, GA-GTX-970-G1.
  6. locke2000

    OS X 10.11.3 Update

    Update via App Store without any problem or need any re install.
  7. locke2000

    Guide: GA-Z77X-UP4 TH with i5 2500K

    Thank you very much for your reply . Which definition That I should used for my system? If something wrong, How can i recover it? Please suggest.
  8. locke2000

    Monitoring Temps?

    I have the same system and get the same problem then reinstall so life without this install now. Waiting for final.
  9. locke2000

    Guide: GA-Z77X-UP4 TH with i5 2500K

    I also have the same system i7 3770k and GT 640 3,1 definition but AirPlay didn't full support (no mirroring). Do you get full support if set to 8,1 definition? Thank.