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  1. Dragonmichael68

    Direct Update with APFS Went Fine but Gripes

    install went smooth, updated to latest clover before hand and copied the apfs.efi from the installer to Clover EFI. Boot up you have to select boot from Preboot Volume. Everything's working but the Nvidia drivers seem buggy and Custom Wallpapers don't always stick, and randomly freezes when it...
  2. Dragonmichael68

    Can't Install Apps, Packages, Multibeast Fails.

    Since Fresh Installing Sierra, and Reinstalling. Every Package I run ends with Failed to Install Please Contract the Software Developer. I've rebuilt the Kernel Cache multiple times with Kext Utility, tried Terminal with the Sudo command, Reinstalled the FakeSMC kexts, got a SSDT made and the...
  3. Dragonmichael68

    Dual Boot Windows 10 and El Capitan on One SSD

    I'm wanting to speed up my windows drive and I was wondering if I can partition my OSX SSD install and use it to install Windows 10 on it and use it as my Windows 10 boot drive instead of my disk drive and just use the Disk Drive as a storage drive, so mostly wanting to dual boot from a single...
  4. Dragonmichael68

    970 Problem

    So the other week my 970 Fried, shipped it off the EVGA they sent a replacement I just got it. During the mean time I fixed integrated graphics and have been using them. Just installed my new 970. No signal after boot, iMac model 15,1 the Kext patch I have done, still no signal, reinstalled the...
  5. Dragonmichael68

    Clover EFI hangs at ++++++++ when I try to boot the inataller

    I have had troubles With EFI on all my computers, currently I have my computer running 10.10.5 Yosemite With Chimera, I'm trying to update to EFI Clover El Capitan, but no matter what it refuses to pass ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++_ and the lights on my keyboard turn off, tried Blank...
  6. Dragonmichael68

    Help SSDT for Intel DH67CL i5-3570k Power Management

    Im trying to make a SSDT and implement it in my desktop to get proper power management, I've found a lot of threads on it on here, but none in full detail of each step in doing so, they all say use this script or maciasl but don't say what you need to add or change, and as far as the script I...
  7. Dragonmichael68

    Clover UEFI 10.11 Installer not Bootable?

    Followed the 10.11 guide with Unibeast, but when I try to boot from the USB I see 3 Options in the boot menu, Hard Drive serial number/name which is blank and unbootable, The USB Name, which when clicked is not a bootable device, And Install Clover OS X which when clicked flashes the screen and...
  8. Dragonmichael68

    I want to put a Superdrive in my Drive Bay

    I have a extra Superdrive from my Macbook I want to use in my desktop, but I can't find a caddy to put it in to where I can mount it in the drive Bay, can someone link a Caddy that you could do this with? IDE love to be able to use the Apple Superdrive in my tower :) trying to keep everything as...
  9. Dragonmichael68

    Limit Mission Control Spaces, Biggest Annoyance

    I have my computer setup with my main display, and my TV connected as secondary to play movies and shows on. Whenever I turn off my computer and turn it back on I end up having 10+ "Spaces" open for no reason and I want to find the file or a program that can limit the number of OS X Creatable...
  10. Dragonmichael68

    Bluetooth Headset causing App Freezes?

    I just got a GMYLE Bluetooth adapter from Amazon. Apple Bluetooth Software Version: 4.3.5f8 15969 Hardware, Features, and Settings: Name: Michael’s Mac Pro Address: 5C-F3-70-67-FE-AB Bluetooth Low Energy Supported: Yes Handoff Supported: No Instant Hotspot Supported: No...
  11. Dragonmichael68

    EVGA 970 Fans don't turn once OS X Loads

    Well just upgraded from a Galaxy Geforce Nvidia 680 GC 2GB to a EVGA 970 SSC ACX 2.0+ and I have the drivers installed and everything works HDMI and so on, plist edited. Noticed The fans turn off once OS X loads and they twitch every 10 seconds like they're trying to kick on. Do I need to edit...
  12. Dragonmichael68

    EVGA Motherboards?

    I had a friend tell me about the EVGA Z97 FTW motherboard. ALC 898, intel i217 Gigabit PHY. I was wondering if this board works out of the box without DSDT or not tried searching for it on here and nobodys posted about it.
  13. Dragonmichael68

    GPU Fan Controller set at max 0 min 0 DSDT fix? DH67CL

    Ive kept up with this DSDT and can't remember who made it forever ago. I need to Enable GPU Fan control for gaming. This DSDT is for DH67CL and I have a Galaxy Tech Nvidia Geforce 680 2GB.
  14. Dragonmichael68

    GPU Max and Min Fan Speed set to 0 - FakeSMC Issue?

    I got the latest FakeSMC off of RehabMan's bitbucket account to try to fix it, it says check your configuration and reset SMC. How do i go about fixing this, I've noticed while gaming advancing graphics for higher end graphics causes the GPU to start glitching which I'm guessing is from the fans...
  15. Dragonmichael68

    Can't Boot From Yosemite HDD with Chimera 4.0.1

    When I try to Boot from the drive with Yosemite and Chimera 4.0.1 It says boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: test boot0: test boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: test boot0: test boot0: error and sits there. If i try to boot from my old drive with Mavericks and older Chimera it gives a mach_kernel error...
  16. Dragonmichael68

    Bootable USB Not Shown

    I have been trying to put ML on my desktop, but I have ran into a strange issue. I have made the bootable USB, but it is not showing up in Chameleon, Chimera, or iBoot. I am not sure what is causing it. I have USB Boot enabled. My Windows 8.1 USB works fine, and the ML works fine on a Mac I used...