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  1. acubed10

    Post Your Network Speeds - Download/Upload

    On 5Ghz Comcast DW1560 wireless
  2. acubed10

    Xcode Playgrounds simulator

    So I have installed Xcode and created a new playground for iOS Game. When it loads the code the simulator will try to run and I get this group of errors. Anyone know how to fix?
  3. acubed10

    Work In Progress installing Sierra on Dell Inspiron 13 7378 Kaby Lake Laptop

    Were you ever able to get audio to work? I have this same laptop and have literally tried everything
  4. acubed10

    World of Warcraft performance?

    So i finally upgraded to Sierra, also bought a GTX 1060 now that pascal is supported. Frame rates are fine (80-100 in most places) but the issue i'm having is Wow is eating up 84% of my processor. I have an i7 4790k. I'm thinking there is a problem else where. Maybe a tweak to the processor...
  5. acubed10

    Post macOS/OS X Geekbench Benchmarks

    Intel i7-4790k stock (not overclocked) 8gb RAM Evo SSD GTX 1060 (using onboard graphics until pascal drivers)
  6. acubed10

    World of Warcraft performance?

    This still doesn't fix my issue. I tried it right after I read your post. Running El Capitan and the frame rate issue still exists. Full screen for now for me
  7. acubed10

    World of Warcraft performance?

    i7 4790k GTX 770 SC and I noticed that if I play the game in Fullscreen mode, my FPS holds steady in the 80-90 fps...If i try to play in Fullscreen(windowed) I get FPS drops to 8-10. My solution? play in full screen mode lol
  8. acubed10

    Can't auto boot

    So I have finally got my Lenovo Flex 2 14 almost fully working under Yosemite. The only issue I am having is when I 1st power on the computer I have to press the Fn + F12 and select the Mac OS X option from the boot menu. Is there any way to make this work automatically? If I try and let it...
  9. acubed10

    My fully working Hackintosh!

    wallpaper is hidden within 10.8. It is the retina display wallpapers. There are 43 hidden wallpapers buried in the OS.
  10. acubed10

    My fully working Hackintosh!

    Loving my 10.8.2 desktop!
  11. acubed10


    see if this helps you
  12. acubed10

    Issue with startup grey apple screen

    wait, won't -v be verbose, meaning no apple image....Can I get serious responses please?
  13. acubed10

    Issue with startup grey apple screen

    will any of these cause my system to not start?
  14. acubed10

    Issue with startup grey apple screen

    Just tried this, and still having the same issue. Any other suggestions?
  15. acubed10

    Issue with startup grey apple screen

    Yes I have a 1920x1080 monitor. When I get home from work I will try this. Where is the plist file located?
  16. acubed10

    Issue with startup grey apple screen

    Hey guys, wonderful site. Helped me achieve a fully functional hack running 10.8.2. Even able to play WoW with better framerates then windows. Just have one annoyance that I cannot figure out. When I turn on my hackintosh chimera loads just fine, but the grey startup apple boot screen...
  17. acubed10

    Alienware M15x Wifi question

    I'm looking at getting this card from ebay. My question is my M15x has 3 wires to the wireless card, where the card on ebay looks like there are only room for this a problem? How did you solve it for yours?
  18. acubed10

    What monitors do you guys use?

    I've always been a fan of dell monitors. I have a dell 20". Has hdmi and dvi so works great with my hackintosh and my ps3
  19. acubed10

    World of Warcraft performance?

    I'm currently running WoW on my hackintosh. Have a GTX 550i and getting well over 70fps on recommended settings. Runs very smooth. Almost prefer running this game under lion than I do windows 7. Seems smoother to me. I have had 0 problems gaming on my hackintosh