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  1. basasa

    no sound in headphone

    i lost sound in the headphone and i know for sure that its not a hardware problem what should i do ?
  2. basasa

    yosmite shutdown at apple logo on my probook 4540s

    yosmite shutdown at apple logo on my probook 4540s is there a way to fix it or reinstall it without losing fles notes : its a yosmite clover with UEFI i have tried to open with a flash drive (f4) and tried safe mode .. and same problem
  3. basasa

    error in probook 4540s after update

    after i updated to 10.9.2 i can't change brightness when i press f2 or f3 its show that brightness change but nothing happened
  4. basasa

    problem in partition after setup windows 8

    the windows 8.1 partition didn`t show in mac os 1.8 and it couldn't be mounted
  5. basasa

    4540s mac osx Cashe Error

    I don`t know if problem about cashe memory or not ............. but Facebook profile pictures didn`t show .. i get a white pictures
  6. basasa

    [solved] some files didn't show

    be4 setup i backup my files .... after i setup i copied it back 2 my hard disk in NTFS partition .. but it only show in Mac OSx and windows 7 didn`t show it the partition is clear and they aren`t hidden
  7. basasa

    HP ProBook 4540s wiFi and Boot Error !

    finally installed OS x 10.8 and wifi didn't work ......... there`s no way 2 use wifi without buying a wifi card (from eBay) ??? and i still boot by usb without usb i get message > Boot:Done ......... then windows boot i have windows 7 / 8.1 / ubuntu .. and my Hard Disk is (MBR)