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  1. matix

    10.10 - Sharing wifi to wired - what am I missing here?

    Hi Guys I am on wifi from the neighbours place. I need to connect my FreeNAS box to my Mac - what am I doing wrong here? I just want to be able to access the FreeNAS system, I DONT want it shared to the network - as I am not in control of who else is able to access said network. And I...
  2. matix

    How To: Build your own "Real" Airport Card

    After weeks of sharing my macbooks ethernet connection to my P55M-UD4 while waiting for parts, I have finally made my own airport card using relatively cheap parts from ebay. It's a no-compromise solution and I hope it helps anyone looking for affordable (<$50) and zero-configuration setup...
  3. matix

    2nd pci slot questions (p55m-ud4)

    Hi Guys Have a gtx 260 in my primary slot and an (unworking) dlink dwa-552 in the pci (will be removed). I ordered an apple bcm94321mc pci-e wifi card and pci-e (x1) adapter for it. Since the pci-e x1 slot is covered by the graphics card, what is the best way to reconfig these cards? Can i...
  4. matix

    DSDT P55M-UD4 F7 Bios

    Does anyone have a dsdt that works with this bios, or a method to extract it? Stuck using safe mode atm.
  5. matix

    Confusing RC5 message

    Hi Upgraded to tony's post of chameleon today. It worked fine for a while and then I took the plunge and upgraded my bios to F7 (P55M-UD4). So the DSDT is throwing some kind of error? Can anyone explain the cause of this and how to solve? p.s. this was a safe-boot attempt, last ditch effort.
  6. matix

    P55M-UD4, Core i5, GTX 260, Safe mode only...

    Hey all GA-P55M-UD4 and similar owners. Here is my log of my *complete idiots* *stubbornly speedstep enabled* way of getting os x to work: Here are the core specs: P55M-UD4 Core i5 750 - turbo on, speedstep on, stock speeds, hpet 64bit, ahci, floppy disabled. 4gb gskill ripjaws 896mb gtx 260...