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  1. pafofi

    [Solved] Can't Load Nvidia Drivers with 10.13.6

    Hello everybody, I'm here to find help as I'm stuck for 24h now trying everything I can to boot my 10.13.6 with Nvidia drivers... I don't understand why it doesn't work (as it always did before...). When I install Nvidia Web Drivers (latest for 17G65 or any other patched old drivers) it's then...
  2. pafofi

    Premiere Pro Vs Media Encoder (CC 2018)

    Hello everyone, I would love to have some help in using my set up with Adobe CC 2018 ! I noticed that I can export a movie I edited via Premiere Pro from itself with no issue (using File > Export > Media) but I can't do so with Adobe Media Encoder (a batch coder like Compressor for Final Cut...
  3. pafofi

    [Solved] Stuck on boot after 10.13.4 update

    Hi everyone, I just tried to update 10.13.3 to 10.13.4 but it went wrong obviously as I can't boot anymore... I tried to update all my kexts before (AppleALC, FakeSMC, Lilu...) and I applied the new USB patch : Name*: Find* [HEX]: 837d940f 0f839704 0000...
  4. pafofi

    CustoMac Pro : 2 graphic cards ?

    Hi there, sorry for both my english and the fact I'm a newbie in hackintosh... I'm considering to build a CustoMac Pro with the configuration of august 2016 recommanded here. I would use a Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5 TH as a motherboard. My issue is : could I buy and mount 2 graphic cards on it ? The...