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  1. acubed10

    Xcode Playgrounds simulator

    So I have installed Xcode and created a new playground for iOS Game. When it loads the code the simulator will try to run and I get this group of errors. Anyone know how to fix?
  2. acubed10

    Can't auto boot

    So I have finally got my Lenovo Flex 2 14 almost fully working under Yosemite. The only issue I am having is when I 1st power on the computer I have to press the Fn + F12 and select the Mac OS X option from the boot menu. Is there any way to make this work automatically? If I try and let it...
  3. acubed10

    My fully working Hackintosh!

    Loving my 10.8.2 desktop!
  4. acubed10

    Issue with startup grey apple screen

    Hey guys, wonderful site. Helped me achieve a fully functional hack running 10.8.2. Even able to play WoW with better framerates then windows. Just have one annoyance that I cannot figure out. When I turn on my hackintosh chimera loads just fine, but the grey startup apple boot screen...