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  1. crickpappy

    Having Installation Problems with Ivy Bridge CustoMac Mini 2012

    This is my first, and currently only, hackintosh. H77n-wifi running the i3-3225 with onboard graphics connecting a Samsung TV via HDMI. I have a question about this build that may end up being resolved before anyone responds but thought I would ask anyways just to see if some clarity could be...
  2. crickpappy

    BT Keyboard and Trackpad Pairing Issue Many Days After Update

    Hello, I have searched the forums here as well as the broader web for a solution to my problem and haven't been able to find anything yet. Thank you all in advance for any help. I apologize if I overlooked something. I am running an H77N-WIFI with an i3-3225 and no graphics card. About as...